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hi everyone!!! im making this short as i dont seem to be able to send post?????? im a little confused try again then....
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Welcome Clair! You got it to post this time.

I may be stating the obvious, but just in case ( ), at the bottom of this message, there are two buttons - "Start New Thread" and "Post Reply". Just hit the Post Reply button to respond here.

Hope you get everything figured out here soon. It's a super fun place, and very educational too.
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hi! welcome to the board!
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Hi! I had trouble posting here too at the beginning, I kept trying, I still don't know what I did wrong, and eventually I got it! We got your post though, so good job! See ya around the forums!

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Hello.....welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the boards! Just beware that it is addicting!

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hi there and welcome, hope you enjoy your time here, i think you will, looking forward to getting to know you and your fury children, and yes it is habit forming
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Hi Claire, welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
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Hi Claire!!!!

Welcome to TCS!

Now you've got the hang of making that first, all important post, lets hear a little more about you and your cats (if you have any that is - it's not obligatory you have some, just that you love 'em)!!!
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Where did you get that cute kitty?
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Which cute kitty is that Hermoine? The one in my Avatar? That's my little persian princess, Fifi. She is such a baby doll it's untrue. I had to show her off!!!!

Thanks for the complement - I won't tell her about it, because she's conceited enough as it is!!!!!
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The little dancing kitty in your signature.
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It is definatley true about this being addicting, I will not be online for 3 or four days and then I come here and have to catch up on all of the threads, I will spend hours a day on this site!
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Welcome claire!

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Hermione - got it off a website to which the link is now dead, so I can't even give you the url . . . sorry!!!!!

TYpe in Cat Smileys on your browser, there are tonnes of these websites that have excellent smileys, you will probably find it on one!!
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Welcome Claire!
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