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My cat's iris is reflective only in one eye.

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Hello TCS members, please help me!

Yesterday ( referring to the smaller picture ) my cat's left eye seemed irritated because the eye was partially closed... and today, I noticed that her left eye is way more reflective than her right eye ( the normal eye ). Does anyone know what might be the problem? I am going to the vet tomorrow but I would like to ask users here if anyone have undergo similar situation with their cats in the past... Thanks.
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I'm so glad you're going to the vet tomorrow. Here's the info I found on this
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I was wondering about this myself, since I noticed last night that Marshmallow has only one reflective eye (no eye problems that I know of). Since we first got him, I thought "that cat's eyes look odd". Then last night I noticed his eyes were slightly different colors, one more light gold and the other light green. The difference in colors is so subtle that I never even realized they weren't the same. The light gold has those black flecks in the iris and it is the one that is not reflective. Please let me know what you find out. Thanks.
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I too will be following this thread with interest. My first thought was, it's just the lighting.

But I think you are wise to get the vet involved. Be sure to let us know what happens.

Gorgeous kitty, by the way! What's her name?
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Originally Posted by Violet View Post
I'm so glad you're going to the vet tomorrow. Here's the info I found on this
Thank you for this informative link, Violet.
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All right - the vet says that she has conjunctivitis and is given an eyedrop solution called neo-poly-dex ophthalmic solution and apply 3 times a day.

@Otto: Her name is Yuki
@Violet: Thanks for the link
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I also just noticed this same thing in my 2 year old, female cat, Rain.  Both eyes function & dilate; I observe no loss of vision at this point.  Her Left eye is non reflective (under normal light & flashlight directed into eye--BUT I did see reflection last night in ultra low light, just not super reflective).  The Right eye was highly reflective.  I thought the Left, (non reflective), was of concern but after 20 plus hours researching over 3 days & closer examination of both eyes, the highly reflective eye is the one I'm worried about.  The reflection inside the eye is not a perfect circle shape & I believe it is more than likely the beginning of a tumor.  I will be taking her to the University Vet Hospital in Columbia, MO on Monday (normal business hours are M-F).  My wife & I are both unemployed after moving back to Missouri & I know this will be expensive if my fears are confirmed.  I do know they will allow payments; we'll know more in a couple days & I hope she will not have to lose her eye.

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My goodness. Rain is so young! I do hope your worst fears won't be confirmed. Rain will be in my prayers. 
Sending hugs to you and your wife. 
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