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Scared the hell out of my cats!

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Too funny, two episodes today. First one is I blew my nose and heard the neighbors laugh, and startled my cats and they scattered fast! Next I dropped a whole ice cube tray and all the ice cubes slid across the floor, and so did the 3 cats and they knocked heads. I was laughing so hard at both incidences. Linda
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Silly kitties!
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OMG that is too funny. One time hubby scared Trent so bad he actually did a full backflip. I was trying to scold hubby for scaring him, but I was laughing too hard!
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poor babies hehehehe

Lucy runs up stairs when she get's spooked, like when I drop something, no matter where downstairs she is, she will always run upstairs hehehe

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OMG hehehehehe - ahemmmmmm - sorry
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It's funny and sad at the same time when they get startled like that.....Poor kitties... my kitties get startled by the smallest things too....they hate it when I have my sneeze attacks...They run for cover!!
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I scare my cats all the time (Superklutz, that's me!), so much that they're used to loud sudden noises. The funniest thing I've seen is when I was over at my grandmother's house, and was sitting on the couch playing with the water gun I had given my son for his birthday. It was empty, but I was building up the air pressure and then releasing it... and during a lull in the family's conversation, I leaned over and "shot" the dog. She yelped and did a somersault! It was sooooo funny, my grandmother and aunt were trying to chastise me, but laughing too hard to get a full sentence out!
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I used to scare Indie but he is getting bravier and bravier all the time. He is a bit daft though. I have a large coffee table from from birch wood adn it is quite slippy and he always loves climbing onto it but keeps falling off. My heart skips a beat every time I see him falling off but it is funny as well watching him trying to get his claws into the slippery surface.
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We have this three story kittie condo for Maddie and TYbalt, which they love. Tim actually made it, but anyway, Maddie falls off of it all the time. The top part is just a perch that can only fit ONE cat, but they both try to lay on the top. Maddie will be up there napping or whatever and TYbalt jumps up there (he's a big boy) and knocks Maddie off. Sometimes she doesn't fall right away, she's just kind of lopsided, half hanging off, while TYbalt gets mostly the whole thing to himself and it looks like any second Maddie will just fall. She's determined not to give up her spot. The best is when she's cleaning herself and he jump up and there goes Maddie leg still up in the air. So funny Needless to say, we can't figure out the dominate one

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I was thinking of building something for Indie as the stuff the pet shop sells is not only expensive but also quite unimaginative. Do you have a photo of your kittie condo?
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