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Well, I don't know if this is going to happen or not, but....

Gary and I were talking about calling a Real Estate agent tomorrow to look into renting a house around here! We don't want to buy property around here, and we don't have the money for a downpayment even if we did want to buy.... but we can rent - we spend more than you'd imagine on rent for the RV Park as it is.

We can't really travel in the RV for work like we used to... things have changed a lot for us since 9/11, so we really have to be near enough to the city to get in once or twice a week (New York City)... and though we both love the RV, it sure wouldn't hurt to have more room, LOL!

Cross your fingers for me, please? If we can find something that's not too far off from what we pay now, we'll drive the RV to sit on our rental property!

...then we can keep Mae!

Probably just dreamin' .... but hey - you never know!

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Oh. Here's a pic of ME with Mae
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awww what a cute pic!! look at you!! You are so tiny! You look younger then me I hope you can keep her, she seems like such a sweet kitten!
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Laurie, all of us here will keep fingers and paws crossed for you and Gary! (and the kitties).

Mae is sooooo adorable! I hope you can keep her, she looks like she's rather attached to the 2 of you
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Laurie, Mae absolutely adorable! I don't know how anyone could have been mean to her!
You and Gary are such a awesome people with such great hearts! Bless you for all that you two do with those kitties! I do hope that you get to keep lil Mae...she'd make a great addition to your family!

Got my fingers crossed for ya and sending lots of loves, prayers and good vibes your way!
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If you can't rent a house maybe get a larger RV? At least you will have more room!
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ooOOooO I'm sending GOOOOOOD vibes for the house hunting. I dunno how you guys do it, there is no way I'd be able to give her up. She's too cute, and she looks like she is totally in love with you guys.

Mae is a complete doll. I won't cry if you post more pictures I promise.
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Well - we left messages with several Real Estate agencies, anyway.

Mae is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've never had a kitten this young, let alone been responsible for one. Gary and I are completely in love with her, even as I post her story on Petfinder, getting it up on Pets911, contacted the local people we're hooked in with, and printed out lots of posters....

Shelly FINALLY licked her today! He has been fascinated with this little ball of fur since she came in, but apart from letting her play with his tail, he'd generally jump away if she came running at him.

Spooky got within about a foot of her, and no longer is so scared of her that she can't be in the same room with her.

Tuxedo still hisses at her, but she doesn't seem to mind too much.

Lazlo went into the bathroom to sniff at her while she was asleep, and has been following her around a bit. They drank some water together.

We changed the bathroom set up. We got rid of the crate altogether, and put blankets on the shower-floor bottom. Litter-box on one side, oyster-shell bed with snuggle kitty in it on the other, and a bowl of water. We leave the shower door open all the time now. (Of course, we have to undo it all once a day ). We also leave the bathroom door open all the time now - except when we have to leave the house.

We put a tube (a thick cardboard tube purchased at Home Depot) from the bed to the floor, and put a strip of carpet up through it - so now she can get up and down off the bed whenever she wants.

We were so happy the first time she ran down the tube off the bed, scampered into the bathroom, used her litterbox, drank water, crawled into the oyster shell bed and fell asleep on her snuggle kitty.

Here's the bathroom setup (except when we're showering )
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Lazlo and Mae:
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Shelly and Mae (didn't manage to capture him licking her)
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It may LOOK like it's the other way 'round - but I've got Gary in the palm of my hand! er - paw!
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She is a little sweetie! I love that picture of you with her Laurie. Who's that in the background watching? Is that Lazlo?

And now the cats have taken over the shower! You must be able to get rid of most of your clothes now that its summer. That should make a couple more shelves for cat beds.

And I can see it now, you're going to find a nice house, the cats will live there, and you and Gary will stay in the RV. Good luck house hunting, I think your family is ready for more room.
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Oh Sammie5, Gary and I almost split our sides laughing at your post. Neither one of us thought about it, but you know? You're probably right, LOL! We should add that to that "Crazy Cat Lady" list - you buy a house so the cats have some place to live, and you camp outside! :lOl:

...Gary got all of the encrusted food off of poor Mae's nose... the hair was so badly matted that had she been an older (larger) cat, it would have been shaved off. He kept using moisturizer until the matted hair finally came off. We'll take new pics today - I'd MUCH rather use these for posters (now that we already printed so many out). We realized she's got the same problem with her front feet - it's inbetween her toes. Poor baby.
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And yes, that's Laz. He's becoming more interested in her - likes to make sure he knows where she is at all times. And Shelly is sooooo close to becoming a mommy for her, though he isn't defending her... Spooky is interested - but still scared. She'll stalk up to about a foot a away and watch her intensely. But yesterday little Mae jumped at her and spooked her. Spooky hissed and swatted at her. But lesson learned - little Mae avoids her now.

Tuxedo still acts like he's hunting her. We keep a close eye on him.
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What a pretty little fairy she is! I keep coming back to this thread just to see her little face. She is SO tiny!!! What a baby doll!
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Little Mae is just too cute for words. And what a little trooper!

Laurie, you and Gary are so absolutely wonderful for helping this little girl out. I hope everything works out well for all of you.
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I gotta go for the day, but I HAD to post this... I just heard Gary saying to a friend on the phone... "She's a keeper!"

LOL! I wonder how stringent our requirements for the adopting family are going to be?

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awwwwwwwww she is soooo cute!!!
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What a cutie pie
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She is darling. I hope you can keep her.
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