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Kitten needs some Board Magic

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This is really Laurie's story, but I wanted to draw attention to it here.

Many of you may remember about a month ago, Hissy posted a plea for a kitten in New York that needed help NOW! Refresh your memories in the SOS forum, Anyone in the New York area available to help out a little girl and a kitten .

Again, pulling in resources from across the country, TCS was able to help this kitten. Laurie even arranged a foster with a lady who used to breed Persians who knew how to care for such a young kitten.

The part that we all didn't know about little Mae (as Gary has named her), is that the little girl's brother rescued her from a group of youngsters who were beating this 3-4 week old kitten with sticks.

Now Mae needs some board magic desperately. She trembles, and right now is boarding at the vet's for observation and to find out what kind of damage was really done. She's in very good hands, as Laurie describes in her latest post in the thread, but really needs all the prayers and board magic we can muster.

Gary named her Mae after Mae West, since she was such a strong and vibrant woman. They are hoping little Mae can live up to her namesake.
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OMG! Poor thing! Prayers and vibes out to Mae and family. Aww that poor little angel. I hope everything works out for her. That just broke my heart!
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Oh Heidi, thank you for posting about little Mae! She's so tiny and helpless - and she's so sweet! She really has a sweet personality. I know the vets will take good care of her - they're wonderful with young kittens. We should find out in a day or two if she's going to be OK. I so wish I'd remembered the camera!! I don't think we'll be able to get over there before Friday, but as soon as I possibly can, I'll get pics of her. It breaks my heart, and tears well up in my eyes every time I think about her. She needs our wonderful good will, vibes or prayers!!!!
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Sending prayer's and get well vib's.
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Come on Mae, I am pulling for you little girl!
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God, how can people be so cruel.

*sending get well little kitty vibes*
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sending tons of kitten okay vibes that is so sad
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i hope they can help her.
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That's so sad. I'll be keeping little Mae in my thoughts.
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Keeping Mae in my prayers and sending many good vibes.

Poor kitty.
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the poor little thing.

Sending loads of good vibes to little Mae to be alright.
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What a horrible past for a kitten to bear. I hope that lots and lots of love will help her to be well.

We're pulling for ya' Mae!
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Lot's of good kittie vibes are going out to Mae from Maddie and Tybalt, and myself. Keep us posted.

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Poor little thing! I hope at least that the kids got a butt whoopin or something to that effect for doing something like that! God how cruel!
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Sending good vibes right now! Grrr... if I found kids doing that to a kitten, I'd go nuts!
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Lil Mae is in my thoughts and prayers! Sending lots of good vibes from Nebraska!
We're all pulling for ya little one!
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Hey! My tortoishell persian's registered name is "Malita Mae West" But we call her L.e may for short

I'm praying for you Mae. Stay Strong!

Love Sam.
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kitty love and get well vibes coming from pennsylvania! That little girlie has too many fans to give up now
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I can't thank everyone enough for your good vibes!!!! She's doing great.

But there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that she's healthy and appears to have no nerve damage! YAY!

The bad news is that she's just 5 or 6 weeks old now, much younger than originally thought - so she must have been just 1 1/2 or 2 weeks or something when the little girl's brother rescued her from the park! But because she's so young, though she is eating on her own now, she MUST be cleaned up after she eats, and the Vet's weren't doing that. Also, she doesn't cover #2 when she used the litter box, so the next time she goes in there, if it hasn't been cleaned up, she walks in it.

The bottom line is that we visited her at the vets to see how things were going, and they brought her out to us, and she was caked in food and her backside was very dirty. Gary and I didn't have a fit becuase they've done so much for us, but it is just so damn disappointing. Anyway, it made Gary mad enough that he agreed to bring her home!!!!

I said - worse case, we can keep her in the bathroom.

Well - he was right, pretty much. Spooky and Tuxedo hissed at her and FREAKED. Tuxedo will not purr now, no matter what we do. And he used to start purring just because you walked up to him. No more Tuxedo head-butts for Gary, and he's really, really bummed. Spooky is also spooked, and neither Tuxedo nor Spooky will enter the bedroom - not even when they're scared. They've each found a new hidey-place up front.

Lazlo is just not that interested in little Mae and avoids her, and also did not sleep in his usual place in the bedroom last night. Shelly is the only one who's interested. He sniffs her, lets her sniff him, play with his tail a bit. And he sits in his bed and just watches. He really hasn't left!

She played and slept with us on the bed all day yesterday and this morning. Last night when we decided to go to sleep, just because of our concern with the other cats, we did put her in the bathroom, but set it up really nice for her. We put her snuggle kitty in a crate with a blanket and a stinky shirt of Gary's. We took the door off the crate, and used it to slope down from the shower stall (where the crate is), covered that in a towel so it's easy to climb, and put the litter box down on the floor. We put a couple of toys and water in there with her, and she was fine! SHe didn't cry at all. Of course, we woke up every three hours to feed (and clean) her, and what a spaz! They are little duty-machines, aren't they? Just like newborns!

Anyway, she's darling. We'll see how long Gary can tolerate having her here with us. She loves him, he loves her, and he's afraid of getting too attached to her. He also has a lot of problems sleeping to begin with, so we may end up taking her back to The Cat Chalet. Even though she wasn't getting as good attention there as she gets here, she was getting better care there than at the vets. At least we know she's healthy now, and she's not been trembling or shaking. We were really bummed to find out Susan was charging us to foster her, but... that's life, and that's people. What can you do? At some point there's a trade-off between the sleep and the money, and Gary will have to make that decision. An insane Gary from lack of sleep does no one any good.

But she's here with us now, for as long as Gary is OK with it. He's so sweet with her, and she has such a sweet personality.

Here are pics:
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That's a cotton ball behind her head!
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The oyster-shell bed we bought when we first brough Lazlo inside has been great for all the small kitties when they first join us. We have a snuggle kitty for her, and she loves it!
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This is AFTER we cleaned her up:
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A content little kitty. She's so sweet! She needs a home, and she is going to make a GREAT pet! We both wish we could keep her, but we just can't have 5 cats in a 37 X 8 foot motorhome!
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Hunting the cottonball:
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OMG she is just the cutest little baby!! how could anyone hurt her! Awwww, I sure hope she gets a great home with lots and lots of love. I would take her but we are already on overload and will hopefully be getting the black kitty with the white spot from my vets office. If for some reason we can't get that black kitty, I will talk hubby into letting me adopt her if she doesn't find a home by then
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Oh my, she is a cutie! She is also going to be a small kitty. I love her face, even though it is dirty.
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she is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen.
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Oh my she is such a little cutie!!!!

How wonderful of you and Gary to do so much for her. I hope a great home is found for her.

You two are s
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if I had a house and more time on my hands I would take her.. NJ isn't that far from me.. Unfortunately indoor animals are not allowed where i live right now But she is soo precious.. I'm so glad she's OK now.. You are such an angel for helping her out :angel2:
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She is SUCH a sweetie! And she does have a sweet face, doesn't she? About her size...we're a little worried she suffered developmentally. Would that account for it? Or would that really be a genetic thing? Because she's smart, so it seems like her brain development was there... I don't think she suffered long in a malnourished condition. She catches on quick, and after just a few hours of play with her, she got a lot more co-ordinated about following and actually pouncing on stuff.

And Gary's being such a good kitty-mommy, LOL! He picks her up by the scruff to where he cleans her, and he cleans her after she eats and after she goes to the bathroom. And once she's clean, he schnuzzles all over her cheeks and face and back of neck. She's smiling now!!! She doesn't even cry after we feed her, and she doesn't cry when she's alone.
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