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Georgia Is Gone!!!!

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I can't find her anywhere! I saw hwe a couple of hours ago, laying on my bed sleeping. I went out for a minute, but I didn't see her sneak out. I have torn the house apart. I have walked and driven all over the neighborhood. Please send her some "come home" vibes.
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Oh dear! I hope Georgia comes home soon! I'll say a little prayer for the both of you.
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did you look in closet and under things that you don't thinkthe kitty could fit under? It is AMAZING where they can hide. Moe moe got locked in a closet once neo kept meowing at the closet and we found him in there. I sure hope you find your kitty soon!!
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I decided to make one last look for her, and she came running up! She is upset and shaky, but appears to be fine. I will check her over more closely when we both calm down. TCS magic is the best!
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Yay! I was about to suggest shaking the treat can.
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I'm so glad she came back to you. I lost my Alex once, we looked over the house and all over the neighborhood and he was asleep in my daughters dresser drawer all that time. He has a bad habit of getting into the dresser drawers, I guess we just missed him looking for him so frantically. Glad she is home though. Thats an awful feeling not being able to find them!
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Oh Good! I was just going to direct you to the Get Found thread! Glad she came to you!
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That happened to us once..Rocky had gotten shut in our closet and he had curled up in the back corner where noone saw, and the door got shut....we looked and looked everywhere..He never even meowed out, I just noticed him missing, and we opened every door and found him there...I know how scary it is when ya can't find them like that...Glad he came running to you!!
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I am sure my neighbors think I am totally bonkers! I was walking all over the neighborhood yelling, whistling, and shaking the treat can. I sa a gray tabby laying on a Cadillac, and thinking it mught be her, (it was dark, all I could see was gray cat) walked up and picked her up. It wasn't her, and the people came out to see who was harrassing their cat. I was holding her, when they shined the light on me. I just put her down and slunk away.
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Wow what a scare! I'm so glad she is safe!! :
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OMG, what a scare! I'm so glad Georgia is back where she belongs - home with her Mommy!!!!
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I just saw this now. I'm glad there's no reason to send more come home vibes! Now stay put Georgia.
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I'm glad she's back now. When the cats used to be indoors only (when we lived in the big city) we kept losing them in the house every now and again They wouldn't even get locked in anything, we just used to miss the new resting spot. Once our sister stayed at our place and came running to me saying she couldn't find Gezer anywhere! Just as I was getting worried I noticed him sleeping peacefully on our bed. The bed cover was orange and our cream tabby just disappeared in it
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Oh I'm so glad you found her already!!! Who cares if the neighbors think you're crazy! We all know - you're like us. The crazy cat person of your neighborhood, LOL!

I'm so glad she's back - safe and unhurt. Maybe she got enough of a scare she won't do it again!
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