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Got an interview in the morning at the hospital....

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For the housekeeping postition at 10:30...I know it isn't the best position, but I will be in the hospital, and I am just thrilled they called me!! I am soo excited about you all you don't even understand.....I was in tears after I got off the phone with them and had to call Steve right away to tell him...Please send me postivie vibes my way that I get this job and that I don't say anything stupid during the interview....when I get nervous, I get all chatty, and say things that don't make sense..KWIM?But anway...I wanted to share my good news with you all!!!! Wish me Luck!!!
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Good luck!
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Good Luck! Just be yourself, don't worry about saying something wrong. They will love you!
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I am positive you will do well. Just picture all of your TCS buddies standing behind you cheering as you go in the interview. I will send all the positive vibes I can!
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Good Luck! I'm sure you will do fine.
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Good luck Kathy! You'll go great!
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Best of luck, Kathy! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
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Oh Kathy, I hope you get the job. Once you get in at the hospital, you can apply for other jobs that are posted. Sending good vibes your way.
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Thanks so much yall for the positive vibes!! I am so thrilled about this as if you hadn;t noticed, but what should i wear? I haven't had a job interview in so long,,I don't want to overdress, but then again, I don't want to look underdressed either...I have some nice khaki pants with a short sleeved aqua button down....does that sound ok??
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Sending lots of good thoughts your way!
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As far as the clothes--what is normally expected in that sort of position? Khaki slacks and a button down shirt seem fine in what would be more of a labor position. Your local employment office may also be able to give recommendations.
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That sounds good. Make sure that you go in with some questions to ask the interviewer, as they now look for that. Good questions for your type of job could be "is there shift work involved?" "what are the job duties?" "what are your daily expectations?" You may want to go in with a list of references (names, companies, phone numbers) ready for them.
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This kind of position you just wear scrubs and that's it..they supply them too so I wasn't sure if I needed to dress kinda nice or just a nice casual look...
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Then the shirt and slacks are probably good. At the employment center here they told us to dress in suits only if we ever had to wear suits for the job. A nice dress for something that's casual but you still occasionally dress up. Nice slacks and shirt (well put together) for jobs that do not require dressing up or something manual like plumber or maid or something like that.
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that's so cool that they supply the scrubs!

Don't forget accessories! Nice, simple accessories.
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Good luck Kathy! Hope you get it.
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Kathy, a nice neat pair of khakis and a cotton blouse sound just fine, both neatly pressed. The most important thing they will probably be looking for is personal grooming - clean hair, clean hands and nails, a nice manner, someone who is polite and well spoken.

Of course, an absence of cat hair would make a good first impression too.....
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Don't wear running shoes - try for some nice shoes and a nice purse. That always completes an outfit!
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I have nice shoes, but I don't carry a purse...ohh well....i will find something.... thanks so much for these tips ladies!
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Of course, an absence of cat hair would make a good first impression too.....
Ohh my..this is gonna be hard!! LOL Thank goodness my cats aren't shedding too bad for now..
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
Ohh my..this is gonna be hard!! LOL Thank goodness my cats aren't shedding too bad for now..
Wrap some scotch tape around your fingers on your way out the door and use that to get the fur off you.
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They told us to not carry a purse at an interview. Put your papers--resume, notes, etc.--in a portfolio with a black or blue erasable pen. Make sure all your information for filling out an application are in your notes. Then just carry the portfolio with you. It looks much more professional and you don't have to remember your purse, just the portfolio. I kept copies of my resume, notes for questions and applications, thank you cards (which you fill out either in the waiting room or just outside or in your car and walk promptly back in a deliver them), and my IDs in the portfolio with a pad of paper and a black erasable pen. The thank you cards really blow people away because they don't expect them.
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Also, have your social security number on you. I think a nice pair of pants and shirt is a good idea. I agree, do not carry a purse. We won't even consider anyone who is not dressed nicely and is neat and tidy. No matter what job you apply for, they are still looking for a professional manner.
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OH Kathy! That is wonderful! I'm so happy that you're happy! You'll do just fine in the interview. Just be yourself! That's the most important thing, I think. If someone comes in talking "all professional", but yet doesn't sound professional...it's a big turn off. So, just be your cheerful self and ask questions about the position. They always want someone who is eager to learn about what the position is about.

Good luck Hon! BTW, the khaki's and buttondown shirt sounds good to me.
Let us know what happens, ok?
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i sure hope your interview goes well, im sure if you are relaxed and be yourself you will do fine, i will send some fibes to them to hire you keeping my fingers crossed for ya.....
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I just had to get on here for a few minutes before I head off to get ready...I have 3 hours until my interview and I am not even nervous...maybe a tiny bit, but I have a good feeling about it...
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Good luck hon! You'll do great.
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GOOD LUCK KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!
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With all of us rooting for you Kathy, you'll do just great!

Good luck!

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How did it go?
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