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DSH, DLH or maybe breed?

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That's my baby girl Rosalie I'm pretty sure she's a D?H but as far as short or long I can't really decide (DMH?). She's got longer fur than any other kitten I've had, but it's shorter than what I've seen on DLHs, or maybe she's got some diff breeds mixed in there? I'd love to, if I can find any in any of the area's I'll be traveling to this/next year (I've looked at the sites for CFA and TICA (?) and found a few close to those places so just waiting to see the timing of my travels) get her into some shows, maybe. I know it's hard to tell just by pics, but how do you think she'd fare? Thanks
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She's a very flashy and pretty Calico domestic longhair. The tufts in the ears give it away. Shorthairs don't have that long of tufts.

They don't have classes for "medium" hair cats, so she would be considered longhair.

I say go for it. Can guarantee she'll bring home a few ribbons! I love the unique "eye liner" under her eyes. Looks like a sweet yet sassy little girl.

Be sure she is spayed (has to be in order to be shown). You can get her done by 3-4 months old.
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She's cute, and I'd say DLH as well.

We only have 3-5 domestics in our usual shows, so they always win in the top 5
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Is that all Amanda????? We have as much competition in the HHP classes as there are in the cats, kittens and alters!
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Yes that is all, we all keep saying we should get a domestic - can't loose that way. I think the most I've seen is 6-7, many people don't know domestics can be shown I guess so the ones that come are owned by people with peds.
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