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where did your kitties come from??

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I'm sure we have all told our storied here and there but I was just curious!

Moe and Neo my brother found in the woods when they were around 5 weeks old.
Snowwhite we found in the backyard...
Snowwhite made ashton, lilly, sherbert, nimbus,blizzy, and stormy!
Marble and granet were found at my dh job (he works at a tile company...hence the names granite and marble )
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We got our kitty off of my Wife's Mom. A week after her cat gave birth she was hit by a car and killed. My Wife and her Mom hand raised the 4 kittens, after they were off age we took our favorite.
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We picked up Rocky from the animal shelter here that is just down the road from our house and 5 months later we decided to get him a playmate...we saw in the newspaper about Fluffy being available and free too..she was all up to dates with shots and all, and she was just want I wanted so hubby said we could have her!...she came from the local vets clinic just a few miles away from where we live.....
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I got Zoey at my local Humane Society at 11 months.

I hate to tell this story again but her stupid owners surrendered her for "biting". And even requested she be put to sleep. She is so not a malicious cat. She just plays rough, and I believe the previous owners had a lot to do with that since they practically raised her.

She's doing GREAT now.. I'm working with her problem and have her on Flower Essences.. she has improved about 80%. I feel very proud of her and myself.
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Bud and Echo are from a litter that was born in my Aunt basement window sill. They were way too young, but there were many Tom's stalking them constantly. I figured I'd save their little lives by taking them home.

I got Tiki from an Ad at our local grocery store. The owners were surrendering her because she "supposedly" didn't get along with their puppies. But, the truth came out after I took her home. She was have litter box issues and they were tired of dealing with them. That problem is now solved for us and I'm so happy she's part of my family!
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Well The Sammycat came from my bossman who had a whole litter to give away. I am glad that I was one of the lucky ones

Oscar was an almost dead kitten of about 5 weeks old(according to the Vet) when my Husband brought him home. I have never seen such a skinny and raggedy cat in my whole life. I really didn't think he would live through the night. But with lots of TLC and good food he is a beauty now
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Mystique was a 5 week feral kitten when we got her. One week after she came home her family was wiped out by Raccoons.
Rudy, Brie, and Hallie came from a Persian Breeder in Virginia. Jake, Tatum, and Drysi came from a breeder in S. Carolina. Starry is one of the kittens from a previous litter.
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When I was in fourth grade, my friend Angela told me that her cat had had kittens. I'd wanted a cat since I could say "cat" so my parents finally let me have her. I still remember...that pile of kittens, and wanting to take them all. I was picking them up and showing them to my dad, and he was the deciding factor over which ones looked "healthiest". I still remember, I was wearing those cheap canvas flower patterned slip on shoes, and Socks grabbed onto my shoe with her claws and she was not about to let go! I had to take off my shoe and get Angela's mom to help me free my shoe from my cat, which proved impossible. I had waited two months for that kitty, and being the impatient nine year old I was, rather than free my shoe, I put the kitty, still stuck to the shoe in the carrier. There was and still is a special understanding between she and I. I remember carrying her home in her little carrier on my lap, silly little face stuck on a pink flowered shoe. I wanted so much to pet her but my mum kept saying "you're going to scare her, you're going to scare her!" She actually scared me more. Every little bump, every slight noise on the bumpy, gravel ride home, had me holding her carrier even tighter. I remember it so vividly. I'd had the litterbox and the food and water set out for a week before I got to bring her home! (Don't worry, my mum caught me before the food went stale, and of course I set out fresh water).

That first day, she stole my shoe, she stole my heart. And today she steals my pillows, my bed, my breakfast, my drinks, my newspaper, my sanity... and we're still best friends.

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a little stray found me almost 4 yrs ago on the 4th of july and i gave her something to eat, she was so thin, and the next day she brought me 2 kittens they were about 1 month old, 2 boys, so my sister took the mommy after she weaned and i kept the boys, lucky day for the mommy kittie and me also, i thank her all the time for bringing me the boys
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Corky and Buttons were adopted from an animal rescue group. Sparkle was adopted from Humane Society. Skeeter, Shortcake, Ginger were feral kitten strays. Tazmania was a kitten given to me by a semi truck driver who had found her in his truck engine when he stopped to unload trailer at the company I worked at. Merlin was about 4 or 5 weeks old when he appeared in our closed garage.

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I got Saudi, my oldest when we lived in Germany, he was given to us.
Alex came from the veterinary clinic in Germany, his owner didnt want to bring him back to the states, so we adopted him and brought him back with us.
Cham came from a car engine, my daughter found her at school running out of a car engine when she was about 5 or 6 weeks.
Ash was given to us by someone, he is so shy and sweet.
Ta, we got at an outdoor art festival, someone was giving away kittens and we took him home with us, he is half burmese and is so beautiful!
Chaucer I found on petfinder.com in a shelter in South Carolina.
Griffin I found on petfinder.com in my local humane society.
The 2 newest kittens I got from my niece, whose cat had kittens in April. The Mom just got spayed this past weekend! Yay!

And I have to include Fluffy, who passed away last year of heart failure, he was my Moms cat and when she passed away in 1993, we took him back to Germany to live with us and brought him back with us in 1995 and he lived a very long happy life, until last year.
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I got Midnight from the animal shelter 2 weeks after I moved out on my own; he's been through everything with me! He was 6 months old at the time.

Sunshine ran across the highway in front of my car, I pulled over and saw him and brought him home with me, he was only about 8 weeks old.

Coal came from the local SPCA, he kept reaching his paw out of the cage when he saw me. He was 10 when we got him.

Lilith also came from the SPCA, two weeks after Coal! She was just the prettiest cat I'd ever seen, and I knew I had to have her! She was barely a year old. We didn't find out she was pregnant until 2 weeks later...

Jules, Blondie, Polly, Pan, Silver and Max came from Lilith!!! They just turned 2 in May.

Romeo came from the SPCA, he saw me and started meowing and throwing himself against the side of his enclosure until I went to see him! I just adopted him this past March, he is 2 1/2 yrs old.

Sasha came from the SPCA when we stopped in this past May to donate some cat food ours wouldn't eat. We couldn't believe someone had surrendered a Ragdoll! He is 5 yrs old.

I found Tillie courtesy of the Cat Site! There was a post about 2 months back asking for help finding a home for her, her owner was ill and being placed in a nursing home. We adopted her and fell in love very quickly! She is 9 yrs old.
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I found Spike when I was visiting a friend. My friend's neighbor kept his cat outside, and she got pregnant and had five kittens. When my friend showed them to me and told me that they weren't really cared for and were only fed every three days or so, I felt awful. He also went on to tell me how the kids in the area treated the kittens. So, I ended up taking Spike home. Had I known my mother would not throw a fit, I'd have taken a brother or sister for him too.
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Twinkles - We bought her from a local pet store when she was 4 months old, she is now 10.

Peppurr - We bought him from a local pet store when he was 8 weeks old, he is now 2.

Rascal - He was adopted from my aunt when he was 8 months old, he is now 1.

Majesty - I adopted her from a breeder. She was abused badly, she is very friendly now. She was about 4-5 when Iadopted her and I've had her for a year.

Zues - He is the son of Mimi, Mimi was adopted by a loving woman yesterday. Zues is 10 weeks old.
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My s/o rescued Fred from a tree in the median in front of our house, nearly 15 years ago. He was my first cat.
I saw Georgia thrown from a moving car. Someone was trying to throw her into a pond, but she landed in the soft mud beside it. Fortunately she was not hurt. She was 4-5 weeks old at the time. She is 2 now.
Pearl was given to me by my daughter, after she rescued her from an abusive owner. I had to pick them up at the police station, because my daughter knocked this woman flat when she couldn't stand to see her mistreat this tiny kitten any more. She grabbed Pearl and ran, and the woman called the cops. She agreed not to press charges when the cop pointed out she could be arrested for cruelty to an animal. Pearl was 5 months old then, and will be 3 on July 4th.
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Snowball is from a private home. My son went to his friend's house after school every day and bonded with Snowball while he was still with the mother cat and littermates. The mother cat had been allowed to have litter after litter, and since homes couldn't be found for any of the latest kittens, they were going to be taken to a relative's farm to live as barn cats. My son had become really attached to Snowball and asked if we could adopt him. I decided to say yes, and Snowball was the only kitten from that litter to actually find a new home.
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I adopted Sam almost two years ago. A friend of my neighbour worked as a volunteer at a kennel, mostly dogs, but they have a few cats. A family had apparently given him up for adoption at age 5, because their kids were allergic. Its possible. He was there for three months, and apparently was so upset he never came out of his cage to play. He just ate and slept. Now he eats and sleeps, but has a lot more choices of places to sleep.

I adopted Bailey in early February. I had been thinking about a second cat for quite a few months, but promised my mother I would not look after cats instead of her. Two days after her funeral, I was at PetsMart and found Bailey, when I picked her up out of the cage, she wrapped her paws around my neck and purred. I think Mom was telling me it was OK to get another cat now. Bailey is about 3, and had been found as a stray hugely pregnant. She had 10 kittens, all were adopted then she was put up for adoption. She is an extremely well behaved and social cat, I can only guess that she was a pet that got away when she was in heat. I feel sorry for her family who lost such a lovely little girl cat, but then I think, serves them right for not having her spayed.

And that is my complete cat family - it takes all of my time and attention to care for these two.
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My friend Sherry was volunteering at a Humane Society and she brought my sister Kathy and I one Saturday with her. I had been with her before and had found a cat I really liked. His name was Oscar and he had been a barn cat. He had a very wide face that reminded me of a picture of a cat in a children's book and it looked like something had taken a bite out of his ear. I thought I would like to give him a good home, but when I got there that Saturday, he had already been adopted. I was relieved, because I really didn't know if I wanted a pet or not.

Then we went into the kitten's room there was the cutest tabby kitten about 3 months old snuggling with two identical black kitties. I wanted to hold him and when I did he snuggled down and he let me hold him any way I wanted (cradled like a baby, over my shoulder or in my lap). He just loved to be cuddled. My sister and friend wanted me to get him right away, but I said I had to think about it. My sister put a down payment on the kitten and I had a week to decide if I wanted to adopt him or not. They both convinced me on the way home that I needed a pet and I called on Monday and told them I would be in on Saturday to adopt him. I asked that they call him Max all week to get used to his name. His name is Maximillian, but I call him Max for short. When I got there on the Saturday there was a note on his cage that said, "Hi, I'm Max, please call me by my name.". I thought that was cute.

That was three years ago and Max is my very own baby. I did not realize I was loney, until I adopted Max. He is very spoiled and I'm so glad I found TCS, because my friends and co-workers get tired of hearing about him. I find that ordinary people are not as fascinated
with cats as I am.
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I rescued Toes from a Meth House (illegal drug lab).

I got Tailer through an ad in the paper. I had called on another cat and the lady said she wanted the cat to go to an older owner, but that her friend had a bunch of kittens so I called her friend and found out she had an orange and white shorthair. This family never neutered any of their pets and there were 3 litters there, Tailer was from the middle one. They were all gorgeous cats, though. Very regal in stature.

I'll also list my parents cats:

Jeff is from an animal shelter. I fell in love with him when I was visiting the shelter every day looking for another cat I had lost. Because I was so diligent they let me adopt him (I then found the other cat that night!).

Joy came with the house my parents bought. She was a stray, but the owner of the house fed her and didn't want to take her with them so my parents adopted her. They named her Joy because she jumps for joy whenever they're around.
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Stoney and Bricker were born in Georgia, where I was living at the time. I was in an apartment and was not allowed cats. So the day I was moving to Maryland.. I packed up my apartment.. ran to the Humane Society and looked around. The kitten I was going to adopt looked very sick and I called the attendant over, the removed the kitten..never sure what happened to that one. But as I looked around, I noticed a kitten sticking her paw out of the cage, trying to get my attention. Inside the cage where two kitten, identical in looks. They told me that they were brought in with their mother. They had found all 3 behind a dumpster. I had originally only planned on getting one kitten, but couldnt stand to seperate these two sisters. So home with me they came. They were little angels on a very long truck ride from Georgia to Maryland. They have been a blessing ever since. Since they looked exactly the same, except for their noses.. I had a heck of time telling them apart. One had a reddish nose, the other a dark nose. Thus Stoney and Bricker. Today their nose colors are the same.
Brickers nose is a bit funky though. She went through a period several months back, where it was oozy and very sore. The vet thought it was Pemphigus Vulgaris. We had her on antibotics and Prednisilone. It appeared to get better when she was on the antibotics, but when they were over it got worse again, leading me to think that the Pred. wasnt helping. Doing more damage probably. So I asked the vet for another course of Baytril. After the second dose, we had a beautiful, relatively health nose again. No more Pred. for her. If you want to see before and after pics. just lemme know.

Snowy, is the new addition, started coming about the house in Febuary of this year. Me being a softy, put food out for her, with no intention of bringing her inside. Our kids feel in love with her, as she was so patient and sweet with them. (Unlike Stoney and Bricker, who run and hide from them) After we found out Snowy was FIV+ we decided for her safety as well as the other cats in the neighborhood it would be best to bring her in. We havent regretted that decision once.

Vicki,Stoney,Bricker and Snowy
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Bailey and Bartee were found when we went over the mountains. Someone had dumped them on a lady and she didn't want them. They were about a month old when we got them.

Ripley is our only animal shelter kitty. We had gone to the shelter to pick up an abused kitten just out of quarantine. Rip was just a tiny kitten in a large stand alone cage. She was clinging to the side of the cage off the floor and as I walked in, every point of the room I went to, she would leap from side to side following me. I turned around and met those big bug eyes of her, and knew I had to have her.

Karma showed up one night after the renters had moved out down the road. They had over 12 cats mostly neglected, Karma was the worst of the lot. She came in skin and bones, claw and teeth and I trapped her, got her to the vet where she stayed and terrorized them for a week as they brought her back to health so she could be spayed. She is blind in one eye and is now the happiest and most contented lap kitty.

Stryker and Cleo are the remaining cats from a litter of 6. Their mom Funny Face has been adopted by a loving family down the road, but she still comes back from time to time to say hello to us, then she leaves again. She was a feral that had her kittens under out porch the month we moved into this house.

McKenzie was dumped off at the local high school, pregnant and feral. I got the call and went and trapped her. She had 3 kittens, one died. The remaining two Taz and Squirrel brighten up our lives on a daily basis.

Ghost is an old white feral who lives intermittingly under our house and in our hay barn. He just showed up one day, and keeps reappearing usually in the middle of the night. Other than taking him in to be neutered, I don't have much contact with him at this time.

Whisp was rescued from an apartment complex where they were poisoning cats! She was pregnant, but she had problems and lost her kittens. She has taken to living out in the new addition and she is fine with me, but still runs from Mike if he makes eye contact with her.

Orange Crush just appeared on our property several months ago. Largest feral I have ever seen, the color of a bobcat and looks like some maine coon. I put him about 5 years old, he won't trap easily but he did let me touch him the other day!

Mystery Man- he appeared about 2 weeks ago. A big orange and white tom with the look of too many fights and to long on the streets. At first he ran off everytime I approached, but just lately he has allowed me to see him. I need to bond with him and get him neutered! To many cat fights at night. I would say that he is about 5 years old.

Winkin Blinkin and Nodd- three kittens who were being terrorized in front of a grocery store,and who I ended up taking home with me.

There are two barn cats that just appeared here one day. They pretty much stay to themselves, and I am looking for a better barn to place them at. They are mackeral tabbies and look like brothers-
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Ophelia was placed into our lives directly by Fate. We were talking about how wonderful it would be to have a pet to come home to, but we didn't have the money for a pet deposit. The next night we heard the distinct cry of a kitten in distress. Turns out, she was trapped in between the walls of our apartment building! No idea how a 5-6 week old feral kitten manages that, but there she was. So we punched a hole in the wall and bribed her out (many hours later) with tuna. You can read her whole story (and many others, many from people at this site!) here at Save Samoa.

We thought Ophelia had gotten out because we couldn't find her anywhere. Well, she had actually just found a very good hiding place, as feral kittens do. To drown our sorrows, we went shopping - what else? There is a pet store in the mall, and of course there were some kittens there. Trent chose us from the first time he saw us, no doubt about it. As soon as we brought him home and into the bedroom, he meowed and out popped baby kitten Ophelia!
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That is a great story! How lucky both of them are to have you.
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Tiger and Jorin we got from an ad in the paper, the lady's ex-husband's employer (he does landscaping) had a litter of kittens, and she was going to drown them! He took them and brought them to his ex-wife, because she liked cats and breeds bengals. She hand-raised them from 1 week old, and then put an ad in the paper. We got the last two, two orange tabby boys. I wasn't thrilled about orange tabbies, I really wanted a calico babygirl. When I got there and saw these two cute little boys, I fell instantly in love!

Boo I got about 5 years ago from a person I worked with. She was the last one of the litter and he brought her to work with him. I immediately said I wanted her, and she stayed under my desk all day at work (with food and water in her crate) When I got her home and let her out of her carrier, she hid under my skirt and peeked underneath now and then- thus her name, Peek-A-Boo, or Boo for short

Meggie, who I don't have here, I got as a companion for Boo. She came from the shelter, I wanted a kitten for Boo to bond with, but the youngest they had was about 6 months. I didn't know anything about introductions then, so there was quite a bit of hissing and growling at first. They never did become friends, but they were at least companiable. They lived together at my parents house when I moved to college. Meggie still lives there because I don't have the money right now to get all the vet work done that she needs. She has a very bad tooth infection, and may need to get all her teeth pulled, as well as getting spayed.

Edited to remove non-working pic
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I adopted Peaches from the local Humane Society last November. I was looking for a Persian or Himmy and called Furburbia (a humane society sponsored store) They said they had one himmy and she was just leaving with him to take him across town to a Petsmart. So I told her I'd be right there and left work and to run all the way across town during traffic rush at 5:30pm. I got there and asked the lady to show me the Himmy and she pointed him out. I went in and held him, checked him out good and asked a bunch of questions. After she answered me, the lady told me the girl standing 2 feet from me was filling out adoption papers for the cat right then. I couldn't understand why she led me on like that, but oh well! She told me she thought there were some white Himmy kittens at Furburbia. Shoot... I had to run all the way over to the OTHER side of town IN rush hour AGAIN!!

I got to Furburbia and the white Himmy kittens looked questionable. Then I spoted a Orange cat like Kiddy, who had just dissappeared a few months before so I went to look at him. He was in a big playpen. When I went in to look at him I looked up and low and behold, way up there on display (as she always displays her beautiful self) was this skinny, straggly looking, cream colored, smooshy faced Persian! At first I wasn't sure about her. But I picked her up to pet her and all of a sudden this big ole black lab started barking up a storm! I thought poor kitty would have a heart attack! She bit me and jumped back up in the play tree. I pet her for a minute and when she calmed down I picked her up again. The lady asked if I wanted to take her in a room by herself and play with her so I did. I played with her, petted her and brushed her. Then she kissed me on the face and that was that! I was hers.

Peaches was neglected and given up because she bit. But she was in a home with children and generally Persians don't care for loud noises or sudden moves. So I bet that's why she bit. She still tries to bite me if she gets pissed off at me! LOL. Like if she thinks I'm brushing her just a little longer then she likes! But it's more like a little nip and I can see it comming. And thankfully I don't have small children anymore. I just love her to death! And now she is a big, fluffy healthy and happy kitty! My co-workers laughed at me last week because I was late and when they asked me why I told them I was playing with my kitty and she was so cute I couldn't leave!

Tammie, Slave to Peaches
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I decided I wanted a cat but didn't think I could afford one from the shelter. My granddaughter's babysitter had a litter of 4 who looked like siamese. I said I would take one. I wanted a female but when I got there, all that was left was this little male and when you picked him up all he wanted was down and he scratched and bit like crazy. Well he was so cute I took him anyway but wasn't sure what to do about his biting me. He was 6 weeks old. He is now 12 weeks old and has improved...soooommmmeeee. His name is Chewbacca aka Chewy for obvious reasons.

My granddaughter subsequently was given his mother. She wasn't compatible and wanted outside and there was nowhere she could be outside at her house. She called me and asked me if I could take her. Well, of course, she is a beautiful looking siamese. Actually, they are both mixes but their looks are striking. Her name was Rosie but to me that didn't fit so I renamed her Mittens as she has white mittens on all 4 feet. I know, that isn't original but....her mother is Boots and my granddaughter's kitten who is Boot's is called Socks. Mittens is also Boots daughter.

And of course, I had to have them altered. Sooooo, where did I save money....well, I guess I got two for one. lol

Guess that is enough rambling
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I love reading everyone's stories about their kitties! It's so wonderful!!!

Lazlo, Sheldon, Spooky, Tuxedo and Julius were a litter of feral kitties that turned up in our yard one day. They were born in a groundhog burrow up in the woods behind our motorhome. We didn't know what to do with them, so I went online and found... TCS! We hung out with them and fed them outside - the plan was to wait until they were 12 weeks old and to then spay mom cat.

But the whole family disappeared one day, leaving Lazlo behind. He cried for two days, and we brought him inside. I'm insanely allergic to cats, so it was a kind of "we'll see if this works." I got a bunch of scrips from the Doc, and everything seemed just fine. Well - don't you know, the family turned back up after a few days. We later figured out mom was taking them on excursions, and they often left for a few days. But we weren't putting Lazlo back outside! Instead - we decided to bring in a pal for him. That was Shelly. The imp! Their whole story is here on Save Samoa: Lazlo & Sheldon

By then we were hooked, of course. We cared for the rest of them outside, and continued to hang out and play with them to the extent possible. As soon as we were sure they were over 12 weeks old, we had mom spayed and vaccinated. She disappeared after we re-released her. (And we have a feeder now for the feral colony around here, and we've still never seen her since).

When it started getting cold and we still hadn't found homes for the other kittens (another litter of 3 turned up), we built shelters outside. In December, we found a home for Julius and Spooky. It turned out to be a terrible thing, and we brought them back. One of the Vet assistants ended up adopting Juius - who is a great big ginger long-haired fluffy love bug. Spooky we kept. She's our lap kitty, and she is so sweet!!!

Tuxedo... was different. He had aggression problems. We had to feed him away from all of the other cats/kittens outside to keep him from attacking them. He almost killed a kitten from another litter (Munchkin - we fostered her and found her a loving home). He stayed outside until about March, when it had been so bitterly cold for so long we just couldn't take it any more. By then he'd calmed down, and had become very attached to Gary. We put him in boarding (with the other two kittens) to get him out of the weather. The owner of the facility worked with him to help socialize him. We visited him there regularly (and were able to adopt out the other two), and he would jump into Gary's arms, and head-butt him in the head. After about a month, he became very, very ill. We took him to the Vet, where he had to stay about a week. Because he'd been outside in the cold, he was a fat little kitty. From the illness, he lost like 3/4 of his body weight, and turned into a scraggly little thing. We visited him at the Vet's - and he DOVE at Gary. The Vet told us that Tuxedo wasn't sick anymore, but that he wasn't eating. That he'd obviously developed some kind of bond with Gary, and if we wanted the little fellow to live, we'd better bring him home.

So that's what we did. And Tuxedo is now happily a part of our family, and he head-butts Gary in the head to this day. It is the funniest thing!

The odd thing about it all is that in the end, Tuxedo is the best socialized of all our cats. He's not afraid of new people - and all our other cats flee when we have visitors. Gary wrote up Tuxedo's story for Save Samoa. It's here: Tuxedo's story

But we have to stop here, though we'd love to save them all. We live in a motor home, and with 37 x 8 feet, it's not a lot of space for 6 beings! We took out the dining room and put in cat furniture. We've sacrificed just about every space in this house (including our bedside tables) to the cats. Gary has a chair and the top of his computer. I have half the couch. The only place that isn't the "cats'" is the kitchen counter, stove, kitchen cabinets, the closet, and two "shirt" closets that hang over the bedside tables.
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Tavish ~ My co worker's neighbor kicked mama cat out of the housebecause mama cat was pregnant. She gave birth to 9 kittens. My co worker told me about it. My dh and I came and tried to get two kittnes but impossible. Kittens and mama are everywhere outside near the neighbor's house and backyard that has small river. Only one kitten that my co worker's dh caught him from the cage trapper. He had him for the overnight while we chased over other kittens. Then we found out that he had a kitten. We were upset because we know ktiten would have traumtic being stuck in the cage for the over night.. We got him and brought with us right away without searching for another kitten. we brought him straightly to the vet. We had him for two days later, then we went to petsmart.

Jude ~ we saw how adorable little red kitten was. We adopted him from the petsmart through Virginia B whos runs for the homeless cat/kitten shelter that had contrast with the petsmart. We thought he is very friendly and overconfident kitten. We thought Jude is perfect for Tavish.. Tavish is scared and alone. Tavish was lost too. Utnil we brought Jude home and at first Tavish sniffed him and become bossy arund jude. One week later, they immedicately become best friends and together ever since..
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Kitty: Walked into my inlaws front door on Halloween 17 years ago - and knowing I love cats - gave her to me.

Lucky: Was a feral hanging around our house - we trapped her last October to invite her into our family.

Charm: We adopted from the local Humane Society in May of this year.

(Previous cats: Midnight - was purchased from a pet store by a friend and given to me as a gift when I was about 18. Phantom - was acquired through a private person who was moving and couldn't take him with them.)
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Charli was brought for $45 at a local pet store (if i had known about the cat shlter i would of gotten a cat there!)

and mickey was was out of the newspaper for free, the lady who was giving them away said she found a box with the mother and all her babies (including my mickey) on the side of the road!
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