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Im legally blind in one eye now.

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Yup I have a learning disabilty and im blind in my left eye and have to have catrect surgury in my right eye. I cant drive or cross the street by myself. I live with my parents. im 27 yrs old and have a boyfriend.
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How long has this been coming on? You're so young! Does it run in your family?
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I guess so im not sure.......I was sopossed to wear glasses but never had so now im paying the price.
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I hope the surgery on your right eye goes well. It seems to be a common surgery and very effective - I've known a few people who've had it, and it made a huge difference to their lives.
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Not wearing glasses won't give you cataracts, so don't feel guilty. The most common cause is age and exposure to UV light over many years. But there ARE genetic causes and health causes.
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^Technically if she had kept up with her glasses, getting her eyes checked regularly as one is supposed to do when they have to wear any sort of corrective lenses, than maybe the eye problem would have been discovered sooner.
But all that means that is everyone should make sure to get their eyes checked out if they have anything wrong with their vision or suspect something is off.
I hope the surgery goes well.

Lots of people have learning disabilities. I know we have several dyslexics on this forum. Make sure you can get the help you need in the area you need it if possible, but never let that make you think less of yourself. Everyone is different, and this is just how you are.
I strongly suspect dyscalculia in myself, unfortunately I don't know how one would even get that diagnosed and it tends to be greatly overlooked. The only upside is that it's more accepted to be bad at math - though not being able to read maps very well and such makes people think I'm stupid.
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yeah I know.
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