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Daily Thread Tues Oct 20th!

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Wwhoooooooa, I can't believe its almost November!! Its going to be 14 degrees today so no complaints from me

Off to work in a bit, and then I think tonight we are going to go see a movie because its cheap night.

DH has an exam today...

Off to get dressed!

Have a good one folks!
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Hello All!!

Well we had probably our only once nice fall day yesterday. Got the spring bulbs planted and all the perennials once again I didn't plant this year back in a large hole in the veg garden.

Good thing as rain is predicted for the rest of the week.

Going to work a bit earlier than usual as today is one of our busier baking days. Then home to make dinner and I have enough household chores to keep me busy.

The cats are all fine the boys are in the garage (they love the garage and sitting on the vehicles) and the girls are currently having their morning walkabout.

Temps in the lower 50's today much better than earlier in the month!!
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I cannot believe it is only Tuesday! I was way to busy this past weekend and didn't have time to just chill out like I usually do. So I am counting down the days to this weekend...and its only tuesday.

But, it is sunny where I am so I will not complain!

Just work today for me. and the cat site!
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Looks like another decent day here.
Just work planned, then maybe we will check out the Perimeter Institute's free science display they set up for the public. There's a human gyroscope that sounds like fun!
Have a good day eveyone!
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Morning All!!!

Very deary and damp here this morning, but a bit warmer then it has been.

The dampness has my knees acting up big time so I don't think I will be up to to much today. Just puttering around the house will be the extent of it.

Was suppose to run a few errands today but guess they will have to wait.

The kitties are bird-watching so that is keeping them amused for now at least.

Everyone have a great day
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Well DS has his first cold. It started with a cough that keeps waking him at night. Yesterday he threw up twice Poor baby. Either I have it too or I have sympathy pains. My legs are aching and I feel feverish without a fever.

I have some cleaning to do if I can squeeze it in, if not tomorrow's another day.
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Good Morning all!!

It is a dreary morning here! Completely overcast and im chilly, not sure how cold it really is lol but it is supposed to clear up, I love raining like days! It rained yesterday, it was beautiful! I have Pooh Bear and Kamie sitting with me right now! Ever since I house sat last week and didnt get to really see my kitties, Kamie (our kitten) has been following me everywhere!! I have a class in an hour, then to the barn then back at school for my horse lab. Then I have a night class, we have a geography test of South America, Afirca and Central America.....50 places! I tried to study but it is hard to remeber how to spell some places in Africa!

Also wish me luck! I put in an application at an Animal Inn here, its gorgeous and I love animals! I need to get out of my current job.... I know someolne who works there and they are in desperate need of people. Only problem is the lady said my school schedule is bad . She made it seem like I need to be available everyday....which is impossible! But I really do want this job!!

Anywho everyone have a great day!
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Dull, dreary, damp, cold and windy here again (this about describes the past year) but it is, temporarily anyway, a silent, lovely goose-free zone!!!! I think the hunters were popping at them yesterday afternoon, not that it makes much of a dent in the population but it does make them move on for a day or two. Yep, if it stays goose-free on the yard for today, it will be a great day!!!
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Morning. Bit of a late start for me today... And then as I was putting on shoes before leaving for work, Genever puked on the bed. Lovely. She is defective I think, my poor baby.. I will be calling the vet this week sometime to try to figure this out once and for all. BF is in Oklahoma til tomorrow night. I should get out the sewing machine and make some cat toys tonight. That's an idea... yeah. Gotta get through this work day first though. I hate when it's slow, the day lasts forever. I should be getting a project tomorrow I think to keep me busy for a while. That will be a good thing. In the meantime, I have to try to not constantly play the in the Arcade..

Have a good day everyone!
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It's actually lovely out today - last few days of this, I think.

Gary's mom arrives today. We were supposed to be on our way to pick her up... but she missed her plane, so we're leaving in a few. She's a very sweet woman, but they're so much alike they drive each other crazy. The tension is so thick right now you could cut it with a knife. I'm doing my best to keep things low key.'s not easy, and she's not even here yet!
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