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Please--Vibes & Prayers for Great Nephew

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My great nephew Henry was born Aug.10. When his Mom (my niece) took him for his 2 month check-up last week, the dr. discovered that Henry has no sight in his right eye. There was some problem with the light not refracting in his eye the way it should, and the dr. didn't know quite what to make of it. His first thought, apparently, was the possibility of a tumor. Henry doesn't appear to be in pain---except during the exam. The dr. clamped his little eye open without any sort of deadening or anesthesia
Plans have been made for Henry's parents to take him to New York City tomorrow (they live in Conn.) to see a specialist. They assume the first order of business will be a CT, which means Henry will have to be anesthetized. My SIL flew out over the weekend to take care of Henry's 2 y/o sister Lainey while all this is going on.
Any positive vibes and/or prayers you could send Henry's way would be soooo appreciated.
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Poor little guy - I'll be praying!
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Lots of and for little Henry!
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Thank you for sending those to Henry.
The appointment with the specialist is today; I'm hoping we can at least get a diagnosis today, and maybe even a plan of action.
Please keep those vibes coming.
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aww poor little henry

for a positive outcome
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Doctors don't know everything and sometimes they make poor guesses at the beginning. Lots of and prayers that the specialist gives you all something that's not too scary or is easy to treat!
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prayers and vibes
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Poor Henry. Lots of for a positive diagnosis.
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Henry is in my prayers. Glad they are getting right to it, no dilly dallying.

keep us posted.
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Oh Bless his heart, how scary for everyone Vibes and prayers for Henry
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Vibes and prayer's for little Henry coming your way..
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I just spoke to my brother, Henry's grandpa. The dr. thinks the little guy has a pool of blood in the back of his eye, and is optomistic that it will disipate on it's own in a month or so. I don't know any of the particulars---whether they did a CT or x-rays or anything like that. It's strange, in a way; I had a terrible case of floaters about a year ago and my eye dr. told me it was caused by tiny bits of blood that had detached themselves from the back of my eye. It sounds as if little Henry has the same sort of thing going on. He was a big, big baby and his Mom is a tiny little thing; he had to have a vacuum attachment of some sort applied to help when he was born. Makes me wonder if the trauma of his birth caused this.
Anyway, I wanted to update you and thank all of you so very much for the positive vibes you sent to Henry. Hopefully, by this time next month he'll be just fine.
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Oh, that's great news! that that's all that it is!!!!
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