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please help me choose a cat name

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(please see the story of my cat rescue in that area of the forum for the story).

Mama cat needs a name. (Don't know what sex kittens are yet.)

We have a tradition of giving our girls "M" names (Margaret, Mari, Jasmine-Marie). I sorta looked at some sites didn't find anything I really like. I want her to have a beautiful name, esp. as she's so skinny, kind of funny-looking, and brave. She especially deserves a wonderful name to start her already-sad life with.

I kind of like Marci (I once knew a Marcy, real name Marcelline. She was born in the 1920's to a flapper socialite mother who travelled to France, and had a glamourous life--I think it's a cool name because of the association). However, whenever I hear "Marcy", I think of the Married With Children's Marcy character, whom I dislike! (My apololgies to any Marcys/Marcis here!)

If I had a daughter, I always wanted to name her [Leah] Miriam, but I think Miriam, like Mary, means "bitter" in Hebrew, which seems sad to me.

I thought of Marcella, but I don't think it fits.

Any ideas??? Thanks.
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Thanks! Need some ideas.
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This is a good source for all sorts of fun names.. I hope that helps you
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I know someone with a cat called Martini, she always seems like if she was human she would be a real party girl

ummm other M names

Mia (we have a Mamma Mia at the shelter right now and named her kittens all characters from it)
Mittens (if she has them)

Are you into non people names?
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I like Marly.
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In Farsi, mariam is the name of the tuberose. That's a pretty name
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Madeleine (Maddy)
Marjorie (Marjie)

You've already had Margaret, but what about variants in other languages: Margarita or Marguerite (also another name for daisy, the flower, which seems appropriate to this little lady).
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how 'bout Marissa? I have a niece named Marissa who had a rough start on life & now deals with Crohn's disease; we do our best to see that her life is great now & things are going well - our Marissa is a happy schoolgirl with courage and optimism to deal with her ongoing medical issues (tests, treatments, social dilemmas)
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