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You're welcome Mom!

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Abby is a snug bug whereas Chynna is a cuddle bug. What's the difference?

A snug bug likes to cuddle on their terms for short periods of time.

A cuddle bug likes to cuddle for extended periods of times and can't get enough!

Abby falls into the snug bug category while Chynna falls into the cuddle bug one.

Abby doesn't like to be picked up unless it's on her terms. She tends to like to be near me and even pasted up against me, but whenever I reach over to try and pick her up she either jumps down or if she's on the floor she flops over onto her side just out of my reach. Which is what she does when I'm in the bathroom She acts all lovey dovey, tapping me on the leg and rubbing up against my legs, but she won't let me pick her up.

Today was no different, until she got into her "Ok! Pick me up but I won't like it!" crouch. So I picked her up.

She didn't enjoy it. When my girl snugs, she purrs up a storm and bumps her face into mine and her fur gets extra soft feeling, and her tail is still. Today when I was holding her she wasn't purring. There was no face bumping, and her tail was twitching ever so slightly. But she let me cuddle her for almost 10 minutes even though I wasn't restraining her and she could get down any time she wanted.

Finally I had to get into the shower so I kissed her on the top of the head and said "Thank you!" before putting her down the on the ground.

She immediately bumped her side up against my leg and then proceeded to give my leg a full body rub before going off to groom herself.

My baby girl felt I needed a cuddle and she gave me one despite not being in the mood for one herself. And she let me know it! I swear her bump and body rub was her telling me "You're welcome!"
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Aww, at least she let you cuddle her for a while against her will! My boys fall into the cuddle bug category most, and can usually be snuggled even if they're not really in the mood for a cuddle.
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Sometimes the times the "snug bugs" let you give lovins means so much more. That is like Little One. She is a strange one. She will be so independent and not what to have anything to do with us (except feed, litterbox, the usual slave duties), then all of a sudden she will get into lovey moods. The other night she stayed in our bed room and I was laying on my side against DH. She actually crawled up on me, layed on my side and wouldn't settle down until her nose was against my face. Her head was literlly hanging over my shoulder and by the time she fell asleep she was draped completely over my side....which was great until I had to get up to do to the bathroom.

But, it was a very special night...it's rare that she actually come looking for lovins and attention.

Now Gizmo is a "smother bug" as in he will acutally smother you to death to try to get attention...and it's very annoying. It's mainly my fault because he was the runt of a bottle raised litter and I spent extra time trying to get him to eat and would let him sleep on my shoulder under my hair when he was tiny just to keep him warm. Now, at 14lbs he still thinks my shoulder is the most comfy place. Or my chest. Or my face....you get the idea.
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