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... life gets more interesting (medical)

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As those here who are over on Facebook and see my status updates know, I had a little fall on Saturday evening. I tripped on the edge of the sidewalk and landed first on my knee. Got home, it was bloody, I cleaned it up, it hurt. I knew there would be some internal damage. I figured sprained/torn ligament or something... hobbled to work Sunday on a cane (from when I had a back injury at 17), then went to the doctor on Monday afternoon. They did x-rays. Initially, they said the films looked good, nothing major. They handed me crutches and I went home.

Part of my 'life biting me in the butt' on this is that just last month, I handed my car off to my dad down in CA. It was too expensive to keep with paying for parking and all.

So, I figured, crutches for a few days, back to normal with some stretching...

I just got a voicemail from the doctor I saw yesterday. She apologized for calling late, but felt it was needed. She consulted with a specialist over my x-rays. Guess what they found... a fracture, apparently small, of my patella/kneecap.

So, it's taken me 37 years living on this earth, but I've finally broken a bone. And supposedly a difficult one to break... Of course I have to be difficult. It would be too easy to break something everyone else usually breaks... I HAVE to go for the kneecap...

So, I'm gonna hobble to bed. I will be going back to the clinic some time tomorrow to be fitted for a brace or something to keep it in place while the fracture heals... for the next several weeks.

Me and concrete don't get along very well... ugh. Vibes for a fast and good recovery?

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You got it! Get better soon!

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Lots of Amanda.... hope you heal quickly and as painless as possible
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feel better soon!
Make sure to do everything you can to let it heal correctly! I messed up my miniscus a few years back and didnt take it slow enough and its still messed up because of it!
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aww no for a speedy painless recovery
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for a very quick recovery!!
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A friend of Cody's and Mine just fell the other day and factured her kneecap as well as dislocated her ankle just by falling on her kitchen floor.

Still haven't figured that one out...

That it heals well and you don't need corrective surgery!
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Sending healing vibes!

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Sure hope they are able to immobilize it for you, to have it heal. I've done plenty of ORIFs (Open Reduction/Internal Fixation) of patellas in my career, and those little buggers can be tricky! With winter weatger on the way, it will be a much more common injury. Good luck.....healing prayers being sent your way.
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Thanks for the vibes everyone.

I have a ride to the clinic. A friend out of Gresham is coming in to take me there and home... beats another $50 in taxi fare (round trip). I may ask if there's a doctor within the system that I can get to on the streetcar or easier by bus. I know they have an office in the south waterfront area... right off the streetcar line... but it's not a general clinic... mostly specialists... I think.

It's gonna be tough, since this is my 'busy season' what with sewing, a Halloween party, NaNoWriMo next month, and OryCon... which I am running the Green Room again... and no car, with crutches, will be interesting... to say the least.

I think the cats know something is wrong with my knee... JoJo steps close to it, when she's on my lap, but mostly goes around... Jack goes around or jumps over my leg.

Because I still haven't fully cleaned up since moving into this place (life happens), it's hard to maneuver with crutches... this apartment is going to be my one problem area for healing... I can't stay off my leg easily here. No other human to help.

Ah well... life gives us interesting challenges... I consider this yet another one in a very long line of them for me. At least I'll be getting my upper body stronger...
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Awww I hope your kneecap heals quickly

We should start the "cat lovers on crutches club"

My girls don't seem to want to avoid my injured foot. They walk, stand, sit, and sleep on it - doesn't matter if I am screeching in pain or not.
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, Amanda!
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I now have a huge black brace keeping my leg straight... fun, no? I'll be resting it for a few days... then back to work, hopefully they'll be able to accomodate me with a stool... it's gonna be a long recovery process. More x-rays next Thursday, which I can do up at the hospital (I can get there by bus). If it isn't showing any healing, then I'll get a referral for a specialist...

Off to the couch.
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OUCH healing
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that sounds painful and very inconvenient!
for healing. I hope it doesn't take too long, especially with winter on its way.
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Healing for your poor knee!
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Oh Amanda...,...
you feel better soon...
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