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I'm fine guys! No tornado here last night, thank God! It was pretty severe last night...rained like crazy all night long. The lightening woke me up several times. Not a good way to start my Monday morning...oh well, it's only sleep! Looks like we're in for somemore crappy weather...why can't it just rain nice and easy?

Kim, love that picture! That is hilarious!

Thanks again for the good vibes. It looks like those "tornado get away" vibes really worked!
Have a great day everyone!
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So glad you are safe!
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Shell, those tornados made Paul Harvey news this morning! THAT means it was pretty darn bad!! So glad you and your family and furries are all OK.
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Shell - glad you are safe! Kim - love the image!
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Shell - I am truly glad that you are safe. Forgive my silliness a such a scary time...I think my medication makes me stranger than I already am, LOL!

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Shell, glad nothing too major came your way! Scary! I am terrified of tornadoes, and I've never even seen one live. Occasionally, we get tornado watches, but they usually amount to nothing. I don't know where my fear of them comes from. Maybe the Wizard of Oz was too realistic when I was little.
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It looks like small town Nebraska made national news! I'm just shocked! News reports say that 4 tornadoes hit that small town last night! One person was killed and 7 were injured (so far any way). They got over 11 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. They even had to rescue people by boats and even rescued on man from his roof by a helicopter. I honestly thought I'd never see something like that happen here, but I was wrong. Here's a link to Yahoo News about it. It's just amazing! Thanks again for the concerns and the good vibes. It means a lot to me!
Tornados Hit Nebraska
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Shell - you had better stay safe! I am sending keep safe vibes to you daily! (and to all of the people and animals of your state!
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I heard on Paul Harvey that this was the first tornado death in Nebraska in 15 years. Even though any death is tragic, that's a pretty good track record for a state in Tornado Alley!
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I agree Heidi. I read in the paper this morning about the man who died. He was in his garage working when it hit. He didn't even know what was happening. His girlfriend said that he went out to feed his 3 dogs and then started working in the garage. After the first tornado that hit his place, rescue workers tried to free him from the rubbel but then they seen the second of the 4 tornados heading towards them. They had to leave him there. I'm sure those people will feel grief for a long time since they could have possibly saved him if they had the time. Not only did the man die of his injuries, 2 of his dogs died too. May they all rest in peace.
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shell how is the weather there today?
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Hey Shell, I thought I saw some red tornado spots on the map as I was watching the weather channel. You're not getting more bad weather, are you?
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Aw Shell, I'm sorry I haven't been in the Lounge much recently - I missed this! But I am relieved to hear you're fine. Sad news, though. My prayers are with their family.

It's really been a terrible season, hasn't it? I'm really shocked at how much trouble there've been in so many places. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost homes, pets or loved ones. It's just terrible.

Here in New Jersey we've been inundated with rain. We broke the record for the most amount of rain in June (1903 - it was 9 3/8") several days ago. The rivers around here have all overflowed their banks - several of them are at the bridge level. We've been given a short respite here this week, and expect more rain starting Friday.
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The weather is kind of strange here yet. Thankfully we haven't had any bad weather since Sunday. Today was the perfect day! It was cool (only 65) and a cloudy. I'm sure it was wonderful for those people cleaning up after the tornadoes. I heard today that 7 people (people cleaning up the damage) went to the ER because of heat exhaustion!

I was very proud of my store today! Our Walmart store donated $400 in cleaning supplies and one full pallet of drinking water to the town of Deshler! Those people are so happy that they are getting this stuff! A lot of people lost everything and many don't have the funds for all of this. Plus, my Pharmacy got the OK to donate what ever Over the Counter drugs and etc that they need. We're waiting to hear from the Red Cross to find out what they need and they will get it! I thought they'd need first aid kits and things like that. I don't know how much Tylenol or etc they'd really need though.

One of my co-workers (she's fairly new...just moved here a couple of months ago) lives in Deshler. She came to work today and told me all about it. Her house only received window damage, but many of her neighbors have nothing left. She was so overwhelmed when I told her that we were donating all of that stuff. She cried like a baby and of course that got me to crying too! I just wish there was something more I could do. They won't let anyone come into the town to help...too many people looting stuff from homes! How sad is that!

Thank you all once again for the good thoughts and vibes. I just hope this doesn't happen again for a VERY LONG TIME!
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I heard that one little town there was gone, everything. It's so horrible for those people, I saw some coverage on the news and it looks so bad.
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From what my co-worker has told me, it is actually worse than what we're seeing in the pictures. Even the Lincoln Journal Star reported today that it is highly doubtful that the town will ever get back on its feet again. So very sad!
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