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Need some good vibes...QUICK!

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The weather has taken a big turn for the worse in the past 15 minutes! Looks like there's a tornado that has been spotted only 30 miles away and it's head my direction. Of course, I am completely by myself right now! I've got the 3 cats down in the basement and I'm prepared to grab the dog along with my cellphone.
I'm just a little scared right now! My Mom went to Bingo (I'm sure she'll be fine there...it's a former bomb shelter) and my brother is at work (I just called and he seemed to have cared less). Dad left this morning on a trip, so he's long gone out of Nebraska.

Please guys, send me some good vibes! TIA!
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Oh no! *sending good vibes immediately your way*
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((((Tornado be gone vibe))))
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News flash: Fairbury is in the RED on the radar!
I'm just waiting for those damn sirens to go off!
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Get off the computer until all is clear. Then come back right away and let us know you're safe!!

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No sirens yet, but I'm outta here for a while.
Thanks for the hugs! I really needed those!
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ohh lots of good vibes!!! Be safe!! When it is over let us know you are all right!!!
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Shell! Good Vibes coming your way!
Get away from the window!
Better yet, can you go to the basement?

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Tornado go away!!!!! That's right, go away!!!!

Hope things are alright with you Shell. Please let us know!
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OMG! Shell.... stay safe!

Sending tons of positive thoughts your way!

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Good vibes coming your way! Get somewhere safe, and know we are all willing the tornado away from you!
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Go away from Shell you nasty ol' tornado!!!!

Let us know what happens!
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Thanks guys! So far, so good! We're still in a Tornado Watch until 1 am, but it looks like the bad weather is heading northern a bit and might miss us. Thank God! There was a tornado in Deshler which is almost 30 miles away and it's still pretty bad in that part. I hope that it will miss us all together and that no one got hurt in Deshler. It's a very tiny town of 100...I'm not even sure they have sirens there! Hopefully this will all pass soon!

Thanks again everyone for the good vibes! It looks like it's working! This place really is magical!
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I just saw this! I'm glad the worst is over!
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SHELL! Glad to hear that you are ok. Here in Florida, we stay under tornado watch warnings...but they're usually not BIG tornados...(Knock on wood) - I'd say Hurricane Season is the worst - that will make ya grow gray hair over night, LOL!

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I've seen footage of Hurricanes before and those definitely look scary! I've never actually been in a tornado before, but have been VERY close. It's amazing what they can do! The last tornado we actually had in Fairbury was almost 15 years ago and it was a small tunnel cloud. It destroyed a mobile home right behind my Grandmother's house, but didn't do a thing to hers. She was a very lucky woman. It uplifted many trees..old elm trees completely uprooted! Those trees were huge and well of a hundred years old!

Mom just got home..thank God! Now I only have to worry about my brother. Hope he has the sense to take cover if he needs to! We've got our scanner on (local police and rescue line) and they just came across there asking for assistance in Deshler. It sounds like they've gotten torn up pretty bad! I pray that everyone is ok there. I have several customers from that area and have become pretty close with a lot of them. My boss Brandon only lives 3 miles away...I hope he's ok too!

The cats are totally pi$$ed at me right now. They don't like being cooped up in the basement and they're howling at the basement door. Poor kitties! They've got everything down there...litter box, food, water and toys. Plus Marc's bedroom is down there, so they've got a cushy place to lay. If they only knew that I'm doing this because I love them!

I just hate Nebraska weather! Why can't it be perfect all the time?
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I´m glad you´re OK, I hope noone got hurt in this other town.
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Glad youre ok. Do you all have alot of tornadoes there? I live in Georgia and we have alot of bad weather warnings here. I just noticed that you lived in Nebraska. My mom used to live in Kimball, NE, years ago. Her husband, I never thought of him as my stepdad, used to work on the oil rig things out there and they only lived there a few years and I never got the chance to visit her when she lived there. Hope your bad weather warnings will go away soon, I know it makes for sleepless nights when the weather is bad.
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Nebraska is in Tornado Alley! We have warnings and watches constantly from Spring to Fall, but maybe once or twice a year we actually have to go to the basement.

I'm not quite sure where Kimball is from here, but I have heard of it. Since your Mother's husband worked on the oil rigs, it most likely is way out west or close to the Wyoming or Colorado border. I'm right on the edge of Kansas and Nebraska & there aren't any oil rigs around here at all. Just fields upon fields of corn and milo!
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Glad you're safe, Shell.

Comedian Bill Engvall had a good idea, to keep safe from tornados: You know that tornados ALWAYS hit trailer parks so, they need to build dummy trailer parks, outside of town to lure the tornados away from populated areas.
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LOL! That is great! Love that idea...might have to bring that up to the next town meeting!

Tonight when Mom walked in the door I asked her if she even knew about how bad the weather was. She said "yeah, didn't bother me any. I just asked that they gave me a warning a couple of minutes before it hit so I could put my head between my legs & kiss my sweet a$$ goodbye!".
The things my Mom says are so funny at times!
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Oh Shell
I sure glad that you and your babies are safe. I just saw this post and my heart skipped a beat. I am sending good vibes that you and your family will stay safe.

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Originally posted by katl8e
Glad you're safe, Shell.

Comedian Bill Engvall had a good idea, to keep safe from tornados: You know that tornados ALWAYS hit trailer parks so, they need to build dummy trailer parks, outside of town to lure the tornados away from populated areas.
LOL!! Cindy! That joke inspired me to create a graphic to match!!
ROTFL!! (I had to "Go There")

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LOL Kim!!!!! Good one!
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So glad that you are safe Shell! Sending Hugs for you and the cats

Love Always,

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Glad everything's okay where you are Shell. (I know I'm late on this, but I'm still happy darnit. )

And that's too funny Kim.
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Glad to know that everything is okay.

But I'm sending you "Tornado Away Vibes" to keep future ones away.
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It's Monday morning now, and it looks like all of us in the upper midwest might have bad weather for a few days.

From the Weather Channel online:
"An eastward moving cold front and strong upper-level disturbances are interacting with warm and moist air to trigger severe thunderstorms from the Northern and Central Plains into the northern Mississippi Valley. The continuing primary severe threats are large hail and high winds, but a few tornadoes are possible as well. Heavy rains may cause localized flooding. This same general area could face several bouts of severe thunderstorms through midweek as the pattern will be slow to shift eastward."
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Everything alright Shelle now? I assume the tornado didn't hit you all directly so please let us know how yall are!!
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