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Question of the day Oct 4th

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Today's question is :

What is/are you cats favorite types of cat food?

All three of mine have different taste. Pixie like Friskies wet cat food but will nibble at cat chow should nothing else be available. Sassy eats about half and half. And Linus won't eat anything except dry catfood.
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Ari is dry food only, and Topaz gets one small can in the morning and nibbles during the day.
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Flash and Sooty both love Whiskers wet theres a brill one out that the love the oh so simply pouches (i think its called that) but theres bits of fish and meat in it not so its all mushed up like normal whiskers, you can see the fish flakes and chunks same with the chicken and other meats
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Well I feed them all on one plate and I split a 6oz can of friskies pate between them.
Spaz loves them all and will howl while she eats (she's done this all her life, but only if she's really enjoying something).

Jade goes nuts for any of the fishy flavors.
While Baby really prefers dry food, she does eat quite a bit of wet when it is turkey or chicken.
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cool Question....
My 3 fur-balls eat dry food by Royal Canin.... ( very Expensive ) but time in time I buy to they some other dry food like friekies....
Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Pixie like Friskies wet cat food .
this is what King Milky Eats just only by a reward.....
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None of my boys are too picky about dry, but they all have their personal wet food favorites. They get Authority wet. They all love the lamb and rice. Harvey likes the catfish and oceanfish ones, Luke loves beef, and Danny likes the chicken.
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With all the cats in this household, many of them are picky eaters. I can name far more kinds of food that they don't like than what they like. My poor kids suffer thru "general concensus" foods, and only get the kinds they like when rotated into the mix. Mine will love something one day then walk away from it the next.

Muddy LOVES fish flavored canned food, but has an auto-immune disease that doesn't allow him to eat it. He landed in the ER blocked last time I fed it to him. So no more for this poor baby. But he loves the Purina prescription food for FLUTD type diseases, and I think he likes it because no one else really likes it and he gets to eat most of the can on his own.

Stumpy loves dog food kibble and in particular Merrick's Grammy's Pot Pie. It's absolutely the wrong thing to feed him, but he's 14 and has been ill for the last 12 years so he now gets what he wants. It's put his disease in remission so who am I to question it?
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I really couldn't tell you what Trout likes...all I know is she eats what I give to her, always has. She is not picky.

Right now she is eating Fromme dry though.
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Our boys all get blocked WAY too easily, so even tho it's not a very good food, the only dry food we put out is Science Diet C/D. It is the only thing we've fed them long term that didn't cause someone to get blocked. (Knock wood!). They get a wet meal at night. The boys split a largish can of C/D wet. I mix water into it to make it more gravy-like. The girls get junk food - they love Friskies pouches. I split one between the three of them and mix water into it too (it's mostly for the gravy - none of them eat the little chunks). They all hate turkey.

I have to "monitor" wet food eating time because the boys will try to grab the girls food. The few times I let Lazlo get away with it - he ended up at the vet with crystals again! It's NUTS!
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Da Lip and his partner in crime....ummmm friend get Friskies shreds and gravy. He likes the straight meat shreds with beef his fave, she prefers chicken and salmon. so it gets interesting trying to remember what was fed the time before. For dry in the house, Purina One because it is what Da Lip prefers for it's small kibble size. Barn cats get a local formulated barn cat food and for tinned they get Special Kitty as well as the 'bad' stuff from the house (read we ain't eatin' dat stuff' and they also get the 'bad' dry food. Barn cats also get leftover bits of meat from meals - fat, gristle, tough bits, bones, and a few veg and for the record cats, like kidsm hate sprouts.
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Mine all eat Authority Hairball Control/Weight Management dry cat food (the chicken & rice formula). It's pretty much the Petsmart equivelent of Nutro, but a lot less $$. They all really love it. (My 3 and my mom's 2). It's cut down on the hairballs and helps them all maintain a good weight.
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For dry, the indoor cats get either Cat Chow or Friskies indoor mix mainly because Monster will ONLY eat those two. I've tried better quality food and she refuses to eat it. It's like she doesn't even recognize that it's food (she's our little seizure kitty so the less she's stressed out, the better). For wet I split a can among the whole gang so it's more of a treat than a meal. They prefer Friskies and LOVE the tuna and egg and the beef in gravy, but they get a variety.

The barn cats usually get special kitty dry twice a day and whatever needs to be thrown out on Sundays when I clean out the they actually eat pretty well! This winter they should be eating pretty good though. MIL cleaned out her deep freezer and there are about 6 roasts in there that got freezer burnt so they will be cooked up for them on cold nights. Add some bread or rice to the water and they will be in heaven!
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Dry: mixture of TOTW, Wellness Core/Kitten and a brand with grain (his batch is Nutrience)

Wet: NB ultra, FF grilled chicken..... the kittens will eat most anything. Kizzy will ONLY eat the FF grilled foods but is coming around and eating more. The kittens are teaching him something.

Oh, the kittens will eat some raw.

If they all had their way, they'd eat FF chicken 100%. I mix in real chicken with it too.
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For dry they get Orijen, and they love that, for which I am grateful, because the only wet -- and I mean ONLY -- that I can get them to eat more than once is Fancy Feast, and of that only four varieties, of which two are no longer available -- so they alternate between Liver & Chicken and Turkey & Giblets.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Today's question is :

What is/are you cats favorite types of cat food?

All three of mine have different taste. Pixie like Friskies wet cat food but will nibble at cat chow should nothing else be available. Sassy eats about half and half. And Linus won't eat anything except dry catfood.
Gracie and Casey's favorite food is any kind they're NOT supposed to have!
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Mine all eat the same thing - home made raw food.
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2 of mine are horribly picky... so they usually eat purina indoor formula... that is about the only thing I have found that they will eat. I've tried all sorts of different kinds and they all hate it, except Google who will eat ANYTHING! As for wet, they usually get either Friskies or the occasional more expensive brands whenever I can get to the pet store. But we feed wet as more of a treat that an every time meal. Kahlua will eat about 1 ounce of wet, Google will eat all he can, and Joey will not eat ANY! He hates wet food...
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Chester is the strangest cat. He will not eat people food of any kind.

He started out on Purina indoor because it was what he came with. I free feed the dry and he is good with it.

I tried a pet store brand (not sure the name) that was highly rated and had a varsity of vegetables and things in it. I thought that he was eating it until I started finding it on the floor around his dish. Then I discovered he was fishing around with his paw and just eating the parts that he liked and dumping the rest.

For awhile we went back to the Purina. At the moment he is eating the Good Life Recipe dry.

I tried several different wet foods but he wouldn't eat any of it. He then decided that he liked the gravy on Friskys pouches (only turkey and fish flavors) but not the actual food.

Eventually he decided to eat some of the meat. He gets half a pouch in the morning and half at night.

But because the store I shop at is very small I had to switch to Meow Market Selects. For awhile he would eat the stinkiest fish flavors but now he is starting to turn up his nose at them.

On a side of the flavors he liked had a blue label on it. When I am shopping I do not usually wear my glasses so I go by color.

Also, it's usually kind of dark in the kitchen mornings.

One morning I was dishing out his food and there was this thing in it that looked like a worm. I was horrified thinking that the food had gone bad and had worms so I threw it out.

Later that day I put on my glasses and went to check for dates on the unopened food that I had on hand. Much to my surprise the blue label food is tuna and shrimp. Duh....turns out the worm was a shrimp.

I would like to find a good quality pouch the he will eat. And then order it in bulk on line or get it at the pet store when I go for litter. But because he is so picky I am not sure what to try.
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Currently: Premium Edge dry kitten food - free fed since they are still babies; 1 oz of wet food at dinner time.

Wet cans tested and approved are Nutro Max kitten (any flavor), Authority Kitten, Nutro naturals kitten, Avoderm, Newman's own...eerr can't think of any others at the moment.
I've tried some of the pouches but the boys like the gravy over the meat in them.
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Bean Bean loves his Kit 'n' Kaboodle and I can't get him to eat any other dry kibble.

As for wet food, he will eat just about anything but I always buy Friskies or Special Kitty.
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Flutterby, Fluffy & Tales all eat Royal Canin Persian Cat & Kitten (mixed) so I guess it's their favourite since it is all they eat. Fluffy loves Whiskas Temptations for her treat fix, Flutterby will eat a Whiskas single every now and then and Tales will lick at raw beef but will not get any further.

Elmo's favourite food is raw beef, cooked fish and cooked pork. He also craves junk food (whiskas singles) and has at least 2 per day.

Sophie doesn't seem to have a favourite - probably her Gourmet canned food.

Sunshine loves Jellymeat
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Autumn loves Purina Indoor Only dry food. I also give her Friskies canned but she doesn't eat much of it. I at first gave her 1/2 can twice a day, wound up throwing most of it out at night, then I just gave her 1/2 can in the morning, wound up throwing a lot of that out too. Just recently I started giving her 3 meals from a 6 oz. can, most of that she eats. So every morning I give her about 2 ounces of canned food, and I leave the dry food out day and night. I think this might finally work, I have always left the dry food out but feel cats should have some wet food too.
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