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Tonight I was eating some sushi from a very reputable place [no MSG, has a 100 rating, etc] and I had a california roll left. Their california rolls are topped with salmon eggs [the orange ones]. I scraped a little bit off [a generous pinch] and gave it to my kitten as a treat.

Is this okay as a treat? He really liked them and I kept the amount low. This would be treated on a seldom occurance, twice a month at the most and only about 2/3 teaspoon. He hasn't shown any upset stomach symptoms.

What about raw fish in general? I like making tuna tar-tar during the winter months with freshly caught tuna from the Gulf of Mexico. Would it be okay to give him a small amount, a treat amount?

One more question: Besides the obvious canned tuna and salmon, what other things make for good, healthy cat treats that I would buy on average. He's not picky.