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Is this ringworm?

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Does anyone think these pictures are ringworm, and if not do they look like something else that is harmful? She doesn't show any other signs other than maybe some itching, but that might just be normal. The ear lesion doesn't grow and isn't red.

Here are two pictures, one of her chin which has little hair by the mouth, and one of her ear lesion. Thanks.
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Neither picture looks like ringworm. The picture of her chin might be a touch of feline acne. Which is caused by using plastic food and water bowls.

I'm not sure about what the ear picture is though. Has she had it all her life?
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She has had the ear lesion about 3 years, it hasn't grown and I have never seen it red.

I ask the question because recently we have moved to a house about a month ago with 2 other cats and now one of the cats has gotten a dark "chin acne" dirt looking spot on it's chin that wasn't there before.

I previously used plastics bowls, but since the move I now use ceramic bowls since that's what the other cats use.

Thanks for the help.
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The ear thing looks like a mole to me... If that hasn't changed, I wouldn't worried about it - has a vet seen it?

The chin looks normal to me, to tell you the truth... Ringworm you kitty doesn't have IMO
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I agree with the above. Our new kitten brought ringworm into the house. It doesn't look like that at all.
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I'll add another no to ringworm. IMO this is NOT ringworm.

The thing in her ear, in the pic, it looks to be raised.... is it? It looks like a nodule (like a mole on a human), is that right or are the pics decieving? I would ask about the ear thing at her next vet appt. or if it grows or oozes I'd get her in.

The chin does look to be very minor acne, or some sort of irritation.... any problems with fleas at all?
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Cammy had feline acne right now, it doesn't look like didn't make her hair fall out and she has little black spots and some areas look raw.
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the picture of her chin looks similar to what my cat's leg looked like when he had ringworm. it's not what ringworm typically looks like though. just to be safe i'd go to the vet anyway to rule it out. ringworm is really contagious, i've given it to my cat just from having it on my clothes.
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Doesn't look like any ring worm I've seen, but I am sure I haven't seen every kind of ring worm there is.
If she has had the ear thing that long & it hasn't changed I agree with the others it's probably just a mole. A lot of times with those types of moles people have them removed when the cat goes in for some other procedure.

The chin looks like acne. I know there is some sort of skin condition that causes large lumps on the chin, but I can't remember what it was called.
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