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I'm a sucker, I admit it

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The things I get involved in!

Last week, the family who live bordering my workplace parking lot called, and said they were taking care of a mother and 4 6-8 week old kittens. They would like to take them, but are allergic to cats. To make a long story short, DH & I are going to trap and foster them, then surrender them to our local no-kill shelter (whom we volunteered with). This would be ok, if it weren't for the 3 FeLv+ cats I have. However, my vet once told me that I could safely quarantine them in the spare bedroom (which she knows very well, as she's the person we bought the hosue from!). The trick is keeping them apart, so no cats accidentally have contact. Been there, done THAT before! (The + cats were part of a litter that we fostered a few years ago.)

I plan to disinfect all surfaces my + cats could have come into contact with in that room (they have the run of the room normally, so I'm sure there's dried saliva, etc. that I can't see). I also removed as much furniture as possible (on top of it, we have a houseguest sharing that room this week, but BIL loves and has cats, so it's cool with him).

Any other suggestions for making the room FeLV-free? Thanks!
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The woman called me today to tell me that the 5 cats haven't been seen for a few days. Also, a fox has been seen on the property since then. I don't know if mama cat sensed the fox, and moved on, or just moved on, or the fox killed them, and took the bodies back to its den/cached them. We were getting ready to start trapping the cats tomorrow.
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Oh the new news are not reaassuring...

However, if not this family, so there will surely be another family sooner or later.
As the idea of being a foster family is awake now.

How is it with Felv. As I know, this is not highly contagious. Spreading by bites and poossibly fresh salivia. Weeks old, dried up salivia shouldnt be dangerous??
Thus a good cleaning with a not too thin soap should be enough, I do really hope.

We do have in Sweden Virkon, a potent anti virus-and bacterial liquid. Sold either as solution, or as powder for you self to water down into a ready solution. You do probably have it in your country too, although perhaps with another name. Excellent for both sterilizing things, but also to wash your hands with [ie if you must sterilize your hands. NOT for common cleaning of hands!].
This can be bought rather cheaply per liter, if you do buy a bigger can.
Wash with this if you want to feel really safe.

Remember although to use good quarantene routines moving between the two groups of cats. Like you would do if the newcomers were suspected carriers, and you protect your residents.
Hey. Your residents being FeLv bearers, ARE sensitive to infections. Thus you must have qood quarantene routines for the sake of both groups.

Good luck!

ps. Virkon is manufactured by DuPont/Antec Int. Ltd, Suffolk, England. Thus this preparate should be accessible in most countries, as DuPont are really big.
Although the trade name may be different.
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Thanks, Stefan! I'll look into it.

The lady called me this morning, saying still no sign of that litter. However, she thinks there's another stray cat hanging around, so perhaps we'll try to trap it. I personally think that the momma cat moved the litter due to the fox.
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