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What should I do?

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I have a problem. As many of you already know, I had issues with my longtime rescue group and I left. However, I still have two of their cats in my care.

The rescue - Metro -does not have foster room for them nor is the director willing to put them right into the adoption center at Petsmart. She said they would build a "kennel" for them at the warehouse she and her husband use for their second hand clothing and rag business. I know they have dogs kenneled there, too.

I really do not like this idea. Kennelling for an undetermined amount of time. Who looks after them? Do they get exercise and social interaction? Will she end up splitting them up eventho' they are very bonded. I guess I don't trust her. I am concerned she will take out her attitude towards me on the cats.

Now - she owes me reimbursement for food, litter, etc for the three months I looked after the cats.

I offered to come to terms with her financially and take the cats and rehome them myself through another rescue. She is amenable to that.

The issue for me is: While I adore these boys and they love being in my condo, I really, really need to empty my condo, finish fixing it and put it on the market. Who knows how long I would have to keep these boys ... as well as the other cats I am fostering.

What do you guys think? If I relinquish these cats back to her and two that belong to another foster mom - that leaves me with 3 cats instead of SEVEN to look after... (those other cats belonging to other foster mom can stay with me - she is my friend and she doesn't like Metro's attitude either. She has a "foster" room, but I think these two boys would be very unhappy there.)

But I feel as though I am doing them a huge disservice to return them to the rescue since they may languish in that homemade kennel for who knows how long.
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Personally,I like to sleep at night. I don't think I could if I gave them back to the rescue. You would constantly be wondering and agonizing about them. they sound like best buds. I veto the idea. Hope you place them with caring people!
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Personally, I would take them home in those circumstances - I did it when I wasnt happy with the decisions they were making with Autumn and would do it again
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I told the story to a woman who has been helping us with rescuing and rehoming cats from that terrible county AC. She and her hubs run a vet clinic and she said... send me pics and I will help find them homes!!
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Oh I hope that works! We've never worked with a rescue group, but got real close to two different vet practices... we did things like buy lunch for the staff and just generally get very friendly... and the vet techs now foster kitties that find their way to us, and they ALL get adopted out through the vet's office, pre-screened because the people they go to are already clients of the vet.
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