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eggshell powder

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I have two dozen eggs that I am going to use for this weeks raw meals and I know you can supplement eggshell powder for bones. Clover is still wary of bones so I could use the eggshell powder until I can get her to eat bones.

How long do the eggshells go in the oven for them to crumble into a powder?
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I am old fashioned and when I used them I just crushed them raw ... I am sure a google search would aid you
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I've never heard of baking eggshells, and always crushed mine raw.
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I think that cooking the eggshells just makes it more brittle. I did two dozen eggs last night as that is how many I used for their food last night.

I found a site that said to do it at 350 degreees for 8-10 minutes, and then the eggshells were really easy to turn into powder.
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