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Rascals quirky behavior

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This is a first for me. But our new kitten rascals has taken a liking to a pink stuffed puppy dog. He sleeps with it, grooms it and bites it. Its so cute when he sleeps next to it. He grooms the puppy at least 5 times a day. Or whenever he first wakes up from his cat nap.
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A friend's cat has it's own stuffed toy. It's sooo funny since the toy is larger than the cat - and she she insists on dragging it around the house!
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My Pushy used to do that when he was a young kitten. He would drag around this stuffed dog toy and fight with it. But when his little brother Wiggies came into his life, he stopped playing with the dog toy.
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Just like people who have their security blankets (or stuffed animals!), the stuffed dog must be Rascals. He's probably missing his mom/brothers and sisters. If you can, you should post a pic or two!
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That is so cute! Tiger snuggles with a little stuffed teddy bear... haha I swear he's turning into Garfield...
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I have this huge stuffed elephant and Mira's kittens LOVE that thing. Problem is, with 3 kittens sometimes there is debate over whose turn it is and now most of his limbs are hanging by threads and he barely has any stuffing left in him. Makes me kind of sad because he was a collectable but it's so cute that I don't have the heart to take it away.
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Oh yes, same thing here with Cuddles and the stuffed kitty that hubby gave me for V-day a few years back. Grooming it, fighting it, carrying it (by its collar or its ear! so cute!) sleeping with it... he does it too. I thought with a new baby kitty in the house, he'd forget about his buddy, but nope, he still grooms it at least once a day. Cats are so adorable sometimes it's ridiculous.
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