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Update on "Sissycat"

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Our new backyard blue-eyed beauty is doing well, eating like a horse to make up for missed meals and is enjoying her backyard haven. My roomie says Sissy has it "made in the shade" and Sissy knows it!

I think Sissy thinks, "it's about time these hoomins came around to my way of thinking and bowed down to me!"

She's an amazingly affectionate girl and climbed onto my lap earlier today to smash her head into my face a number of times. All she wants is love, poor little thing.

She seems to be perfectly happy staying outside; she's got food and water and a shelter from the rain and sun, and two hoomins to come comb her and pet her.

She's covered in small scabs, and I think they are due to previous flea bites, so I'm keeping an eye on her and if they don't improve in three weeks, I'll have the vet take a look when she goes back for 2nd round of shots.

She's wearing a new collar (black, with moons and stars, set off nicely by her coloring) and I put the rabies tag on it with her new name and my phone number etched on the back of it, just in case.

So that's the update! If only she weren't so darned sweet...
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Sissy cat has made herself right at home. Smart girl
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