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How much probiotic?

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I don't want to double-post this, but I REALLY need to get a move on with doing something with Peaches. She's NOT feeling well at all today .

How much probiotic do I give her?

I'm completely knew to this, but I have the bottle with me so let me know what info you need to tell me what I need . It is a human probiotic, Natural Factors Protec. It says 1 capsule daily for a child under 10, so I'm thinking half that?

Should I give her a big dose to help her gut then lower her to something smaller?

Thanks guys!

(more info under health "postpartum farts")
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I know it saturday night . I ended up giving her half a pill for tonight.

But what should I give her tomorrow? twice a day?
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I don't have a clue how to translate a human dosage into a cat dosage. Is there any reason you didn't get a probiotic meant for cats and/or dogs?

For what it's worth, when I used to give Coco a combo probiotic/prebiotic/digestive enzyme supplement I gave her 1/8 of a teaspoon.
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Yes, we had the option and since I know you can give cats the human probiotic, hubby mentioned 'if it doesn't work on the cat we can use it ourselves'. Plus the cat one wasn't in the fridge where the human ones were. We live in a small town & don't have allot of options when it comes to more speciality items, the probiotic was NOT free .

I think I'm just going to experiment with the dosage, from what I've seen you really can't over-do it. I think about 1/8 tsp is what we're going to end up giving her daily.

Thanks .
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Call your vet and ask.

My vet will give me the dosage easily.

And yes, it is possible to overdo it, with anything.... medicine, natural supplement, etc.
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Oh I didn't really think of my vet knowing, duh!!!

Now I feel stupid...

Discussed with hubby. We would have brought peaches in for a general check up by now if it weren't for the kittens (she came in with a little cold so we were waiting for her to feel better in general), so we'll take her in on tuesday. That way I can discuss with the vet about our plan for her & the kittens, plus the diarrhoea and probiotics.
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Vet said there is no reason human probiotics should have worked on her, but just to keep giving her what I did for a few more days then stop.

Must have just gotten over the diarrhoea on her own.

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You can get all kinds of probiotics on the Internet. I didn't think human ones would work on cats since their digestion is way different from ours.

I give my boys Animal Essentials.. about $14 a bottle- tasteless white powder 1/4 tsp per cat once a day.

It can't hurt them to take it daily... so you could stock up.
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But my cat's don't normally need it, I've never had digestive issues with them before. I'm just going to talk to my doctor about taking it myself, a pregnant tummy is usually not a very happy tummy.

If I change my mind there is some pet probiotic at the natural food store, I just thought it was too expensive for the amount. You're right though & maybe next time I'll get it from the 'net.
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