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Mine are allowed on all the "soft" furniture like beds, sofa, chairs. Not allowed on hard surfaces like counters, tables, dressers. I think that they got the idea of hard and soft pretty easily so there wasn't much training involved. That said, I would be absolutley [b]livid[b] if someone came into my babies' home and scolded them! Grrr
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My cats go where ever they please. The only time they are not allowed on the counters, is when food is being prepared. If friends happen to stop by and the bobcats are on the furniture I tell them, if you want to sit there, you can tell that bobcat he or she has to move....and good luck
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Mine can go anywhere except my desk.
I do not prepare food here at all and the kitchen counter is the only place the catfood is safe from the dog. My stove top is covered with a laminated wood stove top cover.
My parrot cage sits on (and takes up the entirety of) the dinning table, so obviously they can't go there without losing a paw, eye, or tail
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Originally Posted by StormySkiez View Post
Wow, I'm surprised not many here have noticed how dirty an animal can leave the furniture.
Get leather.
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Originally Posted by 3CatsN1Dog
I trained the kitties the same way with children I tell them "Ow HOT" and they dont touch it the only one who gives me problems with this is Fatman and thats because hes a snotty little booger who thinks he allows us to live in his house! But he has figured out that when there are pots on the stove he cant get on it so I dont take anything off of it till its cooled off and I can hold my palm on the stove and not get burned! But as for turning it on my knobs are on the top of the stove next to the clock so noone messes with them and its one that needs to be pushed in to turn it on so its almost like child/cat proofed. *Can you take the knobs off so in case they are atleast off so noone can turn the stove on????*
HEY! I never thought about that! I would just unplug it, but I would have to pull the stove out to unplug/plug it in, lol.

Off to see if I can take the knobs off....
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Mine are not allowed on the kitchen counters or the bedroom dresser. Anything else is fair game
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Originally Posted by KatKisses View Post
HEY! I never thought about that! I would just unplug it, but I would have to pull the stove out to unplug/plug it in, lol.

Off to see if I can take the knobs off....
Most knobs will come off of stoves..I clean mine so Im pulling them off all the time and my stove is electric so I take the whole thing apart to clean it off and I replace the thingermabobbers under the coils too so they dont get crusty or gross..I hope you can take your knobs off cuz that would save you a big worry...
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these two go where ever they fancy, theres only one room i keep them out of because i store their food in there and sooty likes to eat and eat and eat haha

right now they are sprawled out over my bed, they have unmade it they do it everyday, sooty once made the mistake of jumping on the cooker hob after we had just turned it off, he jumped straight back down and hasnt done it since (thankfully he didnt burn himself)

Nekochan - thats a very furry sofa hehe
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Hmm I have to admit I am one of those big push overs that lets my cats go anywhere they wish. I do cook a lot in my kitchen so I disinfect my counters before hand every time. If someone else picked up my cat (they don't like being picked up) or diciplined them I would most definetly let them know that is not ok as I have in the past. My boyfriends Dad a long time ago thought it would be funny to start picking Sammy up from his hind legs, he didn't get him moved even a half inch before I jumped down his throat. Some people just don't understand that our cats are truly our babies! It's not "just a dirty cat on the furniture" not to mention my cats are very clean and groomed. hehe
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my cats are allowed anywhere where they can't knock things over. they can't leave anything alone. they're especially not allowed on anything in the kitchen because i'm afraid of them getting hurt. 2 of my cats used to jump 4ft up and down to get on top of the wall unit
my friend's cat killed himself recently by knocking over a dresser.

Originally Posted by tiberius709 View Post
Our two kittens were not allowed on the bed because of previous issues with them pooping/peeing on the bed.
my 2nd oldest peed in my bed while i slept in it every night for the first week she was home. i took lots of 3am showers that week but the cat got to stay in my bed anyway.

Originally Posted by Nekochan View Post
It can also be hard to find a place to sit at times:
i see 1 cat got the premium spot on the magazines
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Before I moved, my cats were allowed anywhere they pleased. Furby had a special knack for playing and sleeping on the dining room table! x3 It was okay though because we never used it since it was a complete mess (stacked with my dad's magazines, papers, and many other odds and ends). She would always go up there when he'd read the paper there!

Now that they live with me though, they can go anywhere (except the glass coffee table) they want but they're limited to the basement. Haha it's cute when they sleep on the pool table (dun worry, it's protected by a large blanket) xD. When they go upstairs they're not allowed on anything but my bed. They don't mind though because when they go upstairs they just like going in the backyard.
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Trout goes anywhere. Literally anywhere. Sometimes while we are eating dinner, she literally sits an inch from our plates and just stares at our food. I don't let her do that if guests are over or anything, but I really don't mind her being there.
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Tessie is not aloud on any kind of Table, only the couch, chair and bed. IMO, I dont find it too be very clean or healthy if I ended up letting her crawl all over the counter and table where we eat. I know if I had kids I wouldnt let them either.
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Our two cats are allowed on seating areas like beds, chairs, couches and sometimes we allow them on the computer desk (the boys love to help us browse the internet lol). That being said, they are not allowed on any place where food goes! Kitchen table, counters and coffee/end tables are off limits! Pekoe doesn't seem to get this, though, and occasionally jumps on the table or counter when he wants attention (which earns him a spray or two of water from the sink...).

I would never dream of scolding another person's cat. It's their house, their rules; I have no place in telling their cat otherwise!
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This thread has made me laugh! My two are allowed everywhere. I discourage them from getting on the counters in the kitchen but they still do it, usually so they can jump onto the top of one of the cupboards or the fridge. They don't get up there when I'm preparing food though as they know it's not allowed. Ripley treats the spare room as her room. We have a two seater sofa and a three seater. Myself, my husband and Newt share the three seater while Ripley usually gets the two seater to herself. We also have a shelf that the cats think is there just so they can sit on it. Anything that is put on there gets knocked off onto the floor so eventually I just gave up & let them keep it. Besides they look far better sat on it than any of my ornaments do!
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My cats do whatever they want, and go where ever they want. I don't let them go upstairs in the summertime because the windows upstairs don't have screens in them. Our house is really weird, the stairs are surrounded by wood, like a little closet, and the door is on a spring so that when it is opened, it swings shut and there isnt a knob, so Mittens learned how to pull it open ( that is because my bedroom is upstairs and she LOVES to be anywhere I am). I have a hook & eye lock on the inside, so that anyone going up can lock it from the inside, and there is also a lock on the outside for anyone who is going down. They're basically allowed anywhere. They are allowed on the kitchen table, because I don't think it has ever been used for its purpose.. that is where I keep their food, to keep it safe from the pig that these people call a dog ( I really love dogs, I do, but I can't stand this one, he is disgusting and overweight and disobedient). I don't like them getting on the counter, not because I'm worried about germs(the counters get wiped before and after food preparation.), but because there is only about 2 sq ft (maybe not even that much) counter space, and it is directly next to the stove (which they're also not allowed on), and I'm worried that one time one of them will get up there when its hot and burn themselves. I don't like them getting on the fridge, again-because of the stove, the stove is the ONLY way they can get on top of the fridge. We also keep things like cereal and our cake mixer up there. Mittens likes to get on top of the microwave, but that is where we keep bread and such things like that. That's not to say they don't get up there.. I'm sure you all know how it is with cats.."It's only off-limits when Meowmy is home".. There is also a long table outside of the laundry room, with a small touch lamp on it. Unfortunately (for us) it is right in front of the large front windows, so they like to be up there.. I don't mind, but I do worry about the touch lamp, because that is also a popular area for play fighting, and they've come really close to breaking it before. & that is where I sit clothes while I'm folding them, & my BF always complains about cat hair being on his clothes ( I say, "Welcome to life with cats! You'll be dealing with it as long as your with me!!!") AND, bf's mom cleans it and they jump right up and leave lil paw prints, which, I think are cute. Bf's mom thought that table would be a nice place to put these spider plants that we grew from babies off of her other spider plants, and since it started to get cold out she brought them in, even though I told her that it wouldn't be a very good idea to put them anywhere the cats could get them, she still put them there.. and the cats have been nomming on them ever since. She moved them and put them on top of our electric fireplace, since the cats don't normally go up there, but when there is something up there they want, they will.. So, babies getting chewed off of the baby spider plants... you know (BF's mom has since moved them to an unknown spot, I dont even know where they are!).

WOW.. I wrote a lot sorry.. Just had a lot to say.. In short, my cats go where ever they want.
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Originally Posted by KiTTYL0VE4 View Post
In short, my cats go where ever they want.

That's as it should be! I've never had any illusions as to who is in charge around here (I think the grammer is wrong, but you get my drift!).
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My cats go wherever they please. If they are on a chair or couch, I'll sit elsewhere. If they're sleeping on my bed, DH & I will squash ourselves in there with them, even if we're all at awkward angles. In fact, Swanie has a favorite spot on the couch where he likes to sleep. If one of us is sitting there when he wants it, he will stare and make a pest of himself until we get up
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Milo is not allowed on countertops, tables, or desks. We used to let him on the computer desk because he liked to curl up under the lamp while we worked, but one spooked kitty+computer/speakers/lamp doesn't bode too well.

He's allowed on the bed, window seal, and chairs.
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