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How Big Is Your Largest Cat??

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I have a couple of Ragdolls which are considered the largest domestic cat breed. They run a couple pounds heavier than a Maine Coon on average. The male Ragdolls can reach 20+ pounds when fully grown at 4 years old. I have 2 females, they average about 5 pounds less than the males. So my question is "who has the largest cat" here at the forums? No B.S now....this is just for fun, and is not meant to cause any arguments. So how large is your cat?
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Ivo's not big, but she did manage to put on a lot of weight in a short time. When I took her in as a stray, she was 6 pounds. Less than a year later, she was almost 12 pounds. Now that she's settled in and knows food will always be here, and since switching her to a light food formula, she's down to 10 1/2 pounds, about where her vet wants her to be (our goal is 9 1/2 to 10 pounds).
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Well Bud weighs in at 28 pounds, but he's quite overweight. I've been working on that problem though. He's not a happy camper about the diet, but it's for the best. Here's a pic of him:
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WOW....I will be suprised if anyone has a bigger one than Bud.....he's HUGE
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I have a 18 pound male Siamese (desexed)
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Nakita weighs in at 4.9 pounds!!! But all 4.9 pounds are tough and mean.


It's always the small one's you have to watch out for!

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That the truth Kass! Bud is such a pansey! Total wuss! Shhh...don't tell him that! I'd hate to crush his ego!
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neo is around 38 inches long and was around 19 pounds but I think he is over 20 now. He is a BIG boy! I think nimby will be my biggest cat when he is full grown.
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Aww Bud, you are still a beautiful boy though!!!!! Rocky is 1 year old and he is 15 lbs...I think he weighs more though now..that was back in April the last time he was weighed....
Fluffy on the other hand is on the petite side though, she's around 7 lbs...
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Our Ragdoll Sasha is 30 lbs. His nickname when he's being a hog and stealing other kitties' food is The Fur Pig.

I just gave him a really good and thorough grooming tonight, will take new pics tomorrow. He was shedding his winter coat like crazy, so LOL he may have lost a pound in pure HAIR!
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Mom of 10...I can't imagine a cat weighing 30 pounds. Can't wait to see a picture of your Ragdoll.
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Most of your cats have mine beat. Every since she was one she weighed and still is 12 lbs. Her sides bulge and she has bad tummy sag, she is now on lo cal food. My other one is a mere 6 lbs. Reminds me of a jingle... skinny and fat went to bed, fat rolled over and skinny was dead..LOL..not that they would even sleep near each other, one at my feet one at the top of my head, and our new stray not brave enough to even come in the bedroom, sorry, rambling on. Linda
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I guess Spike is a lightweight. At his vet appointment 10 days ago, he weighed in at 9.3 pounds.
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As we just dosed our cats tonight with flea treatment- Stryker, my manx weighed in at 18 pounds. He is not fat, but very heavily muscled- real stalky bobcat type.
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Here's my kitties weights!

Twinkles - 10 years old, calico female, 6 pounds, 29 inches long.

Peppurr - 2 years old, tuxedo male, 15+ pounds, 36 inches long.

Rascal - 1 year old, maine coon cross male, 13 pounds, 38 inches long.

Zues - 10 weeks old, maine coon/snowshoe male, 3 pounds, 21 inches long.

Majesty - 6-7 years old, bengal female, 10 pounds, 34 inches long.

Rascal will grow for another 2 years. Maine Coon crosses are slow maturing just like purebred Maine Coons. Zues will probably be much bigger than Rascal since he will be fixed at an earlier age! Peppurr is my biggest boy, I wonder if any of my cats will be heavier than him?!

As most of you already know, I had to re-home most of my kitties. Chaos is leaving tomorrow, Hercules left today.
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Daisy is about 11 lbs, Venus is about 7 lbs and Isys is 5.12 lbs.

i saw a really HUGE maine coon at the last show, and goodness, the furbaby does NOT look like a kitty cat.. teehee!

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Buddy weighs in at about 10 lbs. Being a longhair, he looks even bigger. The funny part is that he doesn't meow - he emits a barely audible squeak. That tiny little squeak, coming out of this large cat, endeared him to me and I had to adopt him.
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The biggest cat I ever had was Leo, and he was 22 lbs. of red tabby sweetness. He had a very tiny meow, too. It was so funny to hear this little kitten noise from this huge cat. He was neutered very early, and retained his kittenish sweetness for his whole life.
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Toes is 21 pounds (although he may have slimmed down a bit since moving to WY) and Tailer was at a fat 17 (she's down to 12 now--we were watching her weight because she was the fat one). I'll have to ask my Mom what Toes weighs now.
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Yeah, I think Bud wins. That picture was quite funny. I'm always afriad Maddie is going to be overweight. She's one and at perfect weight, but she cries for food like every hour. When I first got her I fed her all the time. Then started to get worried about it. My vet said that some cats will eat and eat and eat even when they're not hungry. She used the words, 'until they blow up" buts that puts such a terrible image in my head I forced my self to beleive that it's not true...What do you all think? Now, I feed both of them once in the morning and at night, and I wait until it's both Tybalt AND Maddie before I give them thier second feeding. It's not Maddie's fault entirely though, I'm bad with the people food. It's a wonder why they only come to me and not Tim when we're eating?

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Tell Bud to hang in thier with his diet,also tell him that he'll feel so proud of himself when he has reaches his goal weight

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In order mine are
Twig at 16 pounds( a true farm bred cat!)
Rocket(my "little" abby) is 10 pounds!
Isis is 10 pounds(pretty good from the 5 pounds she was with her kittens and the 3 she was with out, poor little street cat)
And Finally little Luna who is also 10 pounds (she was a good solid street cat, but she only weighed 6 pounds after her babies were born I never got to see either hers or Isis' babies though Isis' were killed by a coon we think and Luna never brought hers to us, they just grew up and went away, I wish she would've though, they were feral cats and I'd have liked to see them get socialized and put into good homes)
As you can see, all my babies come from different back rounds and places, but they are very spoiled and loved.
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Roo did weigh 25 pounds at the beginning of this year. A few months ago he weighed 19.1 pounds. Hopefully he's smaller than that now. He seems to be. Tigger is between 12 and 15 pounds.
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Some of you may remember this picture.....My little GoGo...22 lbs......LOL!

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LOL! Kim, you are one creative woman!
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I would say Sara, our Maine coon, is on the skinny compared with others here. She's ALL fluff and stuff.

Kornflake, the cat/dog, who grew up with our dog is biggest. He use to eat his+Colbys' food =15lbs.

Loki, the black slug, is the heaviest...a whopping 18lbs. Since Wielands passing everyone has lost a little, in fat and friend.
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i have 2 cats and one of them i thought was pretty big weighing in at 15 pounds, but i see he might be pretty small compared to some of these kitties
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My biggest cat is Yogi - he weighs 5 kg.


Wow! Now Bud's gorgeous
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