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Cat teeth - missing?

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I hope the health section is where to post about teeth!

My 2 year old, Edgar, has had some weird teeth from the day we adopted him. The vet who neutered him didn't mention anything about them when we picked him up, so I figured they were fine.

I don't have any pictures, so I'll just try to describe them. His top teeth seem fine. His bottom canines are fine. Between those two bottom canines, he had 4 teeth and they were oddly spaced and kind of crooked. I figured they'd grow in better after he lost his babies.

However, it's been two years and he still has weird teeth. Very recently, I noticed he only has two teeth now, between his bottom canines. They're close to the canines and are leaving almost his entire bottom fronts as gums. :/ His top teeth are still fine.

I'm not asking for you guys to tell me how to fix it [lol] or asking for vet advice, I'm just asking if anyone knows what this could be. Why is my cat missing teeth? Is this a huge emergency that I should be panicking about? Or is it something that can wait a while?

He doesn't show any signs of discomfort, even when eating [dry food]. No drooling, he closes his mouth fine, he play bites and acts completely normal. There's no weird plaque, his gums are the right colour, his breath doesn't smell really bad [it's a tiny bit ripe, but he does clean his own behind with his tongue. ]

As far as I can tell, he's not in pain. This is the main reason I haven't taken him to the vet to get checked out yet. We're not all that well off [in fact, we're pretty broke thanks to the economy], but I've been checking out some pet insurance to see if we're eligible. There's only one vet office here [small town] and I'm not sure they take payments. I know that if he does end up needing dental work, it'll cost hundreds of dollars and that's just not something we can do up front, so I'm hoping to get this pet insurance thing figured out first. Until then, any help is appreciated!
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My cats hate me now because I just woke them up from their naps and checked their teeth! All of mine just have tiny little teeth between their fangs and I really don't see the purpose of them. Even Harley, the oldest at 5 yrs, only has little nubs there. I'm guessing cats are like humans and some just have teeth that grow in weird (I'm one of the lucky humans), but I don't see any reason to be concerned. They tear with their canines and chew with their back teeth I think so as long as he isn't in pain and still eating and acting normal things should be ok. But, I'm no expert here.
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Well that kind of puts my mind at ease. Thank you for the response!
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