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Anne is in bed

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Hello everybody.

Anne is in bed now .

As you know, she is in the first weeks of her pregnancy and she bled several times. Because the bleeding continued she was restricted to bed for the next two weeks.

Besides that, she feels OK (slightly bored).

She won't have an access to the web in that period (if she does sneak out - please tell her to go straight to bed! ).

She loves you very much and misses all of you.

Take care.

Alpha (her husband)
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thanks so much for the update!

please send Anne our love & prayers, and tell her how much we miss her!
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And yes we will all YELL at her if she sneaks in to get her computer fix! Please give her a gentle hug and let her know she will be missed.
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Please give Anne my best and tell her to take care of herself. We will all miss her.

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I'm sorry Anne is bedridden. Please tell her I said "Hello!" and that I'm pulling for her! I hope all goes well. Two weeks in bed! Best wishes to both of you; and please send us updates when you are able. Thank you!

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I am glad we got an update. You tell her to hang in there. I know first hand how awful bed rest is. I will be the first to tell her to get back into bed. Make sure she knows she is missed!!
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I too would appreciate it if you could tell her I am thinking of her. I hope for all to be well, and hopefully she doesn't go too crazy lying in that bed.

Thank you for the update Alpha!!
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Thanks for the update. Tell her I am thinking about the three of you and send my best. We will miss her but it's for a good reason. And yes, if we do catch her sneaking online, we'll all give her hell!

Take care.

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Rest up and take care..........

Alpha - please tell Ann everything else will wait - it is SO important for her to follow Dr.'s orders!

Bless you all.
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Please give Anne my best wishes and CyberPurrs from my Kitties...
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Please send Anne my best wishes and will look forward to hearing from her again when she is able to come back.
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Alpha; Please give Anne my love and tell her I am praying continually for her (and you and the baby) :angel2: She was so supportive of me these last few weeks when I have had some health issues and I value her love and concern. May the shine on all of you and God's Blessings be abundant!!!!

TLK, and her =^.".^='s
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Alpha....thank you for telling us how she is doing!!!!
We love her so much here!!! She is such a beautiful person !
I hope her and the baby will be okay...and I am praying!!!!!!!!!!
Tell her we all said hello, and to stay in bed....
keep us updated!!!
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Alpha, thank you for the update on Anne. I am really pulling fer her and I just know things will be ok!

And let her know that the forum will be OK without her for now. I mean this place can run itself and she's chosen some great mods to help run things!
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Dear Alpha,

Tell the wife that things won't be the same around here without our fearless leader, but she needs to REST, REST, REST!!!! I join everyone in their prayers for both of you and the baby.
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Dear Alpha,
Please send my love to Anne and let her know how much she is missed by all of us.
I'll be thinking about you a lot. Love and kisses!!!
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Well.. the computer was here and I just can't resist the temptation... naughty me! I know!

Things are very weird and are not getting better. I have had another major bleed tonight - the third! This is what the doctors call an imminent abortion, but for some reason this baby can't make up its mind... No abortion has actually occured yet but chances are very high that it will happen any day now.

We can't go for a D & C because there is a chance that the embryo is still alive and we can't tell until next week.

This is all very depressing - I just lie in bed all day long, dreading the bleedings and getting bored. I don't mind the boredom so much - I read and so cross stitch and watch TV - it's the suspense of not knowing what's going on that is really getting to me!

I wish I could spend more time here with you - but I am breaking the curfew as it is and hubby will come in any minute now and drag me back to bed!

Thank you all for your support! I miss you so much!
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i hope, hope, hope this works out, i am praying so hard for you.

i have had a candle going and warm, positive thoughts for you and your family.

i dont know what to say, i know you must be pulling out your hair and crying at
the same time, and i'm here, i'm here for you.

my step-mother went through this twice before she concieved, and i was living with
her through it, it was the hardest thing, you just need hope.

i have much hope for you.

love to you, and yours.
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Oh Anne, I am so sorry you have to go through this. Do the Dr's. have any idea why this is happening?

I too am praying for you and I think of you and your family often. You are such a warm and caring soul and I hate to think of you having to deal with all of this.

If you need anything don't hesitate to call out.
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That wasn't Anne who posted. She's not allowed out of bed!

Seriously, though, I'm praying for you and yours! I'm sorry you're going through this awful trauma; and I hope everything turns out as best as can be expected under such trying circumstances.

Bless you, Anne!

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hopefully you aren't reading this, because that would mean you are out of bed, and that would be a NO-NO!

you, the baby & alpha are in my thoughts & prayers
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Anne - You will be in my prayers. I hope everything works out. There just aren't words for this type of situation. Please take care of yourself.

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Oh Anne....we are all praying SO hard for you and your baby!!! I hope everything will be alright! We miss and love you! Take care!
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GET BACK TO BED!!! (or have hubby buy you a laptop). I am so sorry to read your latest news. I know it is very difficult and sad for you and Alpha. My mother had 4 miscarriages all together, and we ended up with 3 children in the family. Don't give up hope!
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I will be praying for you too.
I'm sorry to hear about what you have to go through, however, I truly hope that everything will be OK.
I'll think about you and will be sending you my love, always.
Be strong Anne and please don't give up hope
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Thank you all SO much for your sympathy and care.
I and Anne are really moved.

I told her about all the things you wrote her.

She mananged to sneak to the computer while I was taking a shower.

Anne is now in bed, secured .
I took a day off from work in order to stay with her at home.

She sends her love to all of you and thinks about you a lot.


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Alpha - What a thoughtful thing to do (taking a day off of work, I mean). Don't suppose you could rig up a laptop for Anne to use in bed? I know some women on bed rest for months and that's the only way they stayed sane! Hope you both have a good, restful day!

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Alpha; Thank you so much for taking the time off to be with Anne and thank you for spending some of it to update all of us who are rooting for her and "Missing" her very much.
Please continue to patrol the perimeters and give your "Prisioner" our love.

TLK =^.".^=
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I feel so bad for what you are going thru. Please know that we are(my kitties and I)praying for you and hoping for the best.
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Hello everybody

Anne is feeling well.

There were (almost) no bleedings in the last few days.

She and sleep :owl: and pet and

On Wednesday we will go to see the doctor and have ultra-sound.
We really hope that he will tell us that everything is all right.
If Anne will have to stay more time in bed - I will get her a laptop and she will be on-line!

mean while she send her love.

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