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seriously messed up

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A perfect ending to a perfect evening goes like this:

My foot was already killing me when I got home from work (an achilles tendon problem that has been going on for 2+ years) and I had stuff to do. I was hoping to sit down and rest but instead, my night went like this:

Take shower
Spend an hour typing up tree committee minutes
Wash dishes
Make salads for hubby's and my lunch tomorrow
Make dinner
Feed and supervise cats
Eat dinner
Spend an hour and a half revising city ordinance

This is were it gets interesting...I was going to empty the litterbox and then sit down for 30min before bed, but the little cat was in the way of the back door so I put my foot behind her to scooch her out of the way (she has a habit of dashing into the basement) and I must have put my foot in exactly the right place because her anal glands expressed all over my foot and the floor seriously eeewwww! So I guess I will not get to actually sit down and rest tonight before bed.
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oh my god !!!!
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