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:witch: :owl: :bat Won't be long now! I hope every one can make it!

If you are not going to be able to come please let me know so I won't sit up all night waiting OK? Thanks
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10 days
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okay, how is everyone dressing? I think I'll be some damsel in distress, oh wait a minute, I am in distress as a mom! LOL!

Ya don't bring any non-fat non-sugar candy, it has to have real sugar LOL!
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We are thinking of either Ren fair or Rocky Horror Picture show
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I hope u guys really enjoy yourselves there.. i can't be there* Bawling* but I wish to see pics of how everyone dresses up...
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Isn't Halloween on October the 31st?
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No one ever responded to any of my queries so I never asked for time off so I won't be coming up there. Sorry.
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I would have loved to have been able to come up, but I work graveyard shift, and I will be getting off Friday morning, and will have Friday Night, and Saturday Night only off, then I have to be back in Los Angeles to go to work on Sunday night. Because of my crazy work shift, I wouldn't be able catch a ride with anyone, and I don't work for the kind of place, where I can ask for a few extra days off. They just won't give it. I sure wish I could have come up though.
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hehehe, that sounds fun! I'll try to be logged on to join in the "virtual party" (if I'm not working)....when will the time be? I'm in Florida.
I'll be a virtual 'gal-friend' to Eddie..heheeh
Oh...but is there a cat in Rocky Horror? I don't recall one....LOL
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hey guys, how's the halloween party going??
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Are people actually going to get together for a hallowe-en thing, or did I misunderstand that and it's a virtual thing?

I'll probably be here...can anyone calculate the time difference for me? I'm in B.C.
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I'm in California and the party starts at 7:00pm. It wil be pretty late for the east coasters.

As far as I know no one from TCS will be attending due to work and other commitments.

I should have a RHPS cast here, at least I've never known a cast to turn down a party...hehehehe My son invited them so I'm not sure who will show up.

*sigh* the only "for sure" guests are friends of ours from Pittsberg CA. Gee even with 4 months warning no one can make it. I guess I'll plan a cat show for my back yard next. Lots of ribbons and certifiates for everyone! Maybe that will pull some of you away from the computer and into my house.

Sorry so many couldn't make it. I'll post photos of who ever shows up.
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I'm sorry no is able to make it. I wish I were closer...I'd be there in a heartbeat!
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Yes Sam, Halloween is on the 31st. I just wanted to have my party early so people could attend other parties later in the month. Also there is a hunters moon tonight so I thought it would be fun to have the party under a full moon.
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I see Teresa!

It's a shame no one from TCS could make it!

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Please do post photos. Next I come up to see my sister I'll let you know and maybe I can come by your place too.
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I wish I could have come. I am a real Rocky Horror person. It sounds like it will be a blast.
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TTMOM I would love to meet you! Just let me know when.

We had 5 adults and three children show up at the party and our camera's battery went dead after the first photo!!! It was the one that powered the disc not the one that is rechargable
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Everyone that showed up had belonged to a RHPS cast at one time or another in their lives except the kids under 13. I pulled out my collection of books records and posters and we had a great time! We talked about our experiences and some folks "time warped" in the front yard. I wish we could have taken more shots.. Oh well, there is always next year!
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