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Some people should not even breed!

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Went grocery shopping today, and as I came out of the store, I noticed a group of kids around a big decorated trunk. I went over to see what the fuss was all about, and inside the trunk were the cutest baby kittens! I leaned down to look at them they were clearly sick- eyes crusty, nose running,ears gunky. I started giving my lecture of "you really should get the mom spayed- I have some certificates in my car" speil. An older kid said, "the mom cat is dying, her nipples are falling off! GRRRR!

So now, I have 3 babies upstairs- they ate like there was no tomorrow, and they have been de-wormed and medicated. They are pure white, except for splashes of color on their heads. One has a splash of black, the others have peach, black and beige. They are feral babies as well, hiss, spit and claws, but they are now in a safe place. I believe there are two females and a male, but they are still to young to tell. I put them at just under a month old.

Mike was waiting at the truck for me when I got out of the store, and I had to go over to him first and ask him "Honey, do you have your rescue hat on right now?"

I told the family when I took the kittens that they needed to take the mom to the vet and have her looked at, and if she was dying they needed to put her to sleep. They just looked at me like I was nuts.....and you know what? I probably am.
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How terribly sad, but at least the kittens have a chance now that you have them. Poor babies! Poor Mama Cat! You're right, white trash all the way (and no, I don't care what color of skin the kids have), and the worst part of all is that they will raise their own kids with the same attitude toward animals.

Well, you couldn't sleep with that mama skunk around anyway, right?
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Oh my god, you are incredible hissy!!!!!!!!

You deserve like, kitten saver of the year award or something.

People suck so bad!!!!
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Those poor babies!
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Originally posted by hissy
Went grocery shopping today, and as I came out of the store, I noticed a group of kids around a big decorated trunk. I went over to see what the fuss was all about, and inside the trunk were the cutest baby kittens!
I could be daft, but, what do you mean by fuss? Were they playing with them or teasing them or something?

BTW, good for you for saving them and trying to make a difference, and good for your husband for having his "rescue hat" on.
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Hissy, you are an angel. Give those little ones a kiss from me, when they let you get close enough, that is!
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Thank God,you were there,God sent you there today!Good luck with the babies.
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You aren't daft Tamme- they were just all standing in a group and it got my attention. They thought I was daft for taking them all. One of them isn't doing so hot right now, and could use some prayers.
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{{{{{{{{{get well vibes}}}}}}}}}

Hang in there kitty!!!
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God bless you for taking in these kittens, and also Mike, for having his rescue hat on.

How could any person (kid or adult) be so nonchalant about another living being dying? That's just sick. And people wonder why our society has become more violent and les caring?

I hope the sick kitten gets well soon. I'm sure it has all of us here pulling for it. It's got the best caretaker and angel any sick kitten could have Oh, BTW, I don't think you're nuts!
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Healthy vibes for baby kitty!!!
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MA, that is so wonderful of you to save those little babies! I'm stirring up some Board Magic for the little ones!!

Bless you and Mike for being such caring people! I wish there were more people like you two out in this world. I'm sure it would be completely different!
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Sending Board Magick to the little ones!!!!
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Winkin.....Blinkin and..Nodd.... thank you. We just had litter box action! Yay! Thanks Sandie, the vegetable oil did the trick!!!
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Hissy you are not daft. If the world had more caring people like you it would be a better place. I hope the kitten will be ok. I will add it to my prayers.

I wish more states would change their laws concerning pets - to laws concerning companion animals. People should have to be responsible for their animals. If people do not want to take care of them why do they have them?

I work with a rescue group and my biggest problem is keeping my mouth shut when I see animal abuse or talking nice to someone who is trying to adopt through us after telling me they need another dog or cat because the last one " froze up during the winter" " got ran over on the road" " was sick and just laid around until it died" ect. ect.. We never adopt out to anyone who is not going to be a responsible owner. But, we still have to be nice to all of the public, even to the jerks of the world.
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Hissy, you are one very remarkable lady, as is your dh Mike. You guys have shown so much love to animals of all type! Bless you both! Prayers going out to you and your new babies. Get well soon little Angels!
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Good job, Hissy. If I could, I'd take in every kitty, that I see.
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Heres hoping all three of the kittens do well.
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Hissy, those kittens are so lucky you found them! I don't know where you find the energy, but I really admire your dedication. Sending healing energy to the babies ( and some extra energy for you, too, you'll probably need it! )
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Those babies just got their best chance with you. I really cannot stand people who treat animals as disposable.....
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These guys have been bathed, de-fleaed -de-wormed-dosed with vegetable oil and given antibiotics, they are all perky and playing and every time we walk in the room, they leap spit, hiss and scatter! lol
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At least you still have your good humor. LOL
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Love their names! It seems like a lot of cats and kittens have been in the right place at the right time... finding you to take them in. I hope the little ones will get better soon, I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.
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I can't help but think that Bast has put a glow around you, MaryAnn, that all animals in need can see. They always seem to find you.

So glad to hear the little tykes are doing better. And I love the names!
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Hey!! That's so wondeful of you M.A. , I knew you were a special person when I met you and now getting to know you better, I think you are 100 times more special then most! I was truly honored to have met you! What a wonderful lady you are for taking in those babies! I can't stand seeing sick kittens , Thank you! God will repay you some day for all the hard work you have done!


Take Care & God Bless!!!. My Kindest Regards

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Morning check revealed three happy kitties laying in the armchair. Although they are too young to be on solid food, they apparently had to learn earlier than most that in order to survive they had to eat whatever they could find. They should still be with mom.

But they ate well, took their meds and they have discovered turbo scratcher and I can hear the ball rolling around upstairs as I type. I can't believe how incredibly cute these guys are. Will get some film today and post pictures soon. They look like baby Vans!
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Mary Anne, You and Mike are just too wonderful. I am so glad y'all took these poor babies. I feel so very sad for the momma cat as it sounds like her death will be a long and sad one. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
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OMG how awful!!! It really really breaks my heart because they sound like my babies if you were closer I would give ya snowwhite because she is almost done weaning and i'm sure she would be more then happy to help you raise these guys You guys are so wonderful for looking out for them!
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People like that make me so mad, you're not nuts, M.A., those people are. How can anyone be as cruel as watching a mother die while her kittens are so sick. I agree that there should defintly be breeding laws. Only licensed people should be aloud to breed and they should go through ASPCA approval. I think that might limit Jo Shmo hillbilly from breeding. How thankful I am that there are other people out there like me that would do anything to help any animal from suffering. I even get choked up when I see a cat outside my apartment with...NO COLLAR ON!!
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MA, I agree, bast HAS blessed you with and aura that only animals can see. That's why that skunk came to visit you. I'm surprised that you don't have a wave of animals outside your house each AM when you wake up!
You are truely wonderful for taking those kittnes, to bad they didn't let you take the mother.
People can be such idiots sometimes!
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