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I have been reading in the Crossing the

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Bridge forum about the Leukemia shot. Many do not vaccinate for this. I have turned it down because my cats do not come into contact with other outside kitties. What is the issue with this shot. Why did some cats die from it?
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It killed my Lucy.
Within 2 days of getting the shot she needed blood transfusions.
The first time she was saved,
The 2nd time she died.
None of my cats have had that shot since then and it is in the breeders contracts not to ever give that shot or the fip shot which I do not give anyway.
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What was in the shot that is so lethal? I am glad I know that because I used to decline it based upon cost and my cats being inside cats. Now I know I will never give it. RIP sweet Lucy.
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There nothing IN the vaccine, exactly, that causes the problems, although some cats have bad reactions to vaccine additives. All vaccines cause immune reactions. That's how they prevent illness---by stimulating the immune system to fight that disease.

Sometimes, in some cats, that immune reaction causes problems, sometimes fatal. I think the FeLV vaccine is more likely to cause a bad reaction because FeLV is a more serious disease than the respiratory diseases prevented by the combo vaccine.
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My Pretty Lady is a former feral that is now an indoor cat that gets out sometimes and she is due for her shots. The vet wants to give her all of her shots. Should I only give her the rabies shot? She just had a UTI but other than that, she is in good health. I don't want to give her anything that might hurt her.

Thank you!
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This is interesting to hear. I never heard any negative comments about the vaccine before. Infact, my vet said that new research has proved that giving the FeLeuk vaccination is a good idea and now (in my area) vets are pushing you to give this vaccine (there are a lot of FIV/FeLeuk POSITIVE kitties around here).

My cats are strictly indoor cats. I show/breed Persians and Himalayans. So far, all of my kitties are FIV/FeLeuk tested negative. So unless a strange cat enters the house they should stay that way.

I mentioned to my vet that it said in one of the contracts I signed not to vaccinate for FeLeuk and she could not for the life of her figure out why the breeder would request this. I will have to inform her that some cats have been dying after getting the vaccination.

My sister works at a vet office as well and she always has vaccinated for FeLeuk. Not any problems as of yet.

As for giving the other vaccinations I would HIGHLY recommend it. I mean, it is just like with children. If they don't get vaccinated they are at risk (and OTHERS are at risk) for getting some very deadly diseases. Yes, there is a small chance that problems could arrise but an even bigger chance that your child (or cat in this instance) would get ill and die from one of the diseases the vaccinations prevent.

It costs me $40 (each) a year to have my animals vet checked and vaccinated. I have not yet given the FeLeuk vaccine but I was told to "think about it" from my vet.

Good Luck!
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