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About 20 minutes south of Savannah, Georgia. A small town called Richmond Hill.
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, about 80 miles from Philly. Often known as Amish country, and for our outlets. Few people realize there is an actual city of Lancaster,with a population of about 55,000.
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I'm in Lakewood, Colorado which is a western suburb of Colorado. 5 minutes in the car and you are IN the mountains. 10 minutes from Red Rocks Amphatheater, the best place in the world to see a concert (no, really, even quite a few bands have said that!) I'm about 2 hours from the ski resorts, though, but I don't ski so it doesn't matter to me.
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moline, illinois

3 hours west of chicago. 3 hours east of des moines, iowa.
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I spent most of my life in Traverse City Michigan. The Cherry Capitol of the world! That's in the upper left of the Michigan mitten! I've been smack dab in the middle of Salt Lake City, Utah for 5 years now. Land of the Mormons and lovingly known as: The BEHAVE State!!
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Southern California--Mexico (you have to go through immigration control when you leave San Diego).
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Victoria, BC ~ Canada.
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I live in Knoxville, TN, about 45 minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains.
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I currently live in the Bay Area, California.

I saw someone say they are in Beaverton. My bf - Craig is from there

Oregon is SOOOO beautiful!
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It does look like Kathy and Maggie&Tybalt are the closest to me! I'm just out in the middle of nowhere!
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Don't be sad Michelle! I'll be driving through Nebraska sometime in late August/early September!

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I was just going to ask if anyone has ever been to Nebraska? There isn't much here! Be prepared Tammie, it's a very long and boring drive through NE! All you'll see is a bunch of corn fields and an occasion city along the way!
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Troy, Missouri about an hour north west from St. Louis.
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i went to nebraska once but it was during a heavy snow storm. i thought about moving to omaha last fall, but the job didn't pan out.
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Canberra, Australia – the capital city. It is on the east coast towards the bottom and a bit inland…

Hi to all the other ozzies on the Board!!
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Central Georgia, Jasper County -
8 miles from Trisha Yearwood's parents and where she grew up. She comes home for visits often (with Garth).
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Land O' Lakes, Florida is just outside of Tampa, which is in west central Florida. I am about an hour from Disney World in Orlando and 2 hours from Cape Kennedy, on the east coast. On a clear day, I can see the shuttle launch from my front yard. Tampa, in addition to being the home of the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has the distinction of being the lightning capital of the world. We get some killer thunderstorms, and the season is NOW! In yesterday's t'storm, the meteorologists recorded so many strikes that they reported an average of 73 a minute. Around here when it rains, we run for cover.
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Webster Florida. About 60 miles north of Tampa. Hey Debz, I lived in Land O' Lakes when I was 12 and 13 (years ago)
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Mzjazz.. Posted her state as the "BEEHAVE" state and then posted a picture of the beehive? Did you mispell it or was it supposed to be like that

My City, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and The Parliment is shaped like a beehive and it's called the Beehive

Just thought I'd add.

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Originally posted by junebug6771
Webster Florida. About 60 miles north of Tampa. Hey Debz, I lived in Land O' Lakes when I was 12 and 13 (years ago)
Hey Valarie,

And I've been to the world famous Webster Flea Market!
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valanb--I used to live in un-incorporated Jeffco near Denver West and YES! Red Rocks rocks!

Shell--my Dad is from the Scottsbluff area and I had a couple of college roommates from York so I've been in NE a lot. I even got my scuba certification at Ogalalla (sp?).
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Originally posted by Deb25

And I've been to the world famous Webster Flea Market!
When I lived in Leesburg, FL (many years ago) I would go to the Webster Flea Market every month. They had such great stuff!

My parents live in Lake Wales. Deb or Valarie, have y'all ever been there to see Spook Hill or Boc Tower?
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Never, but thanks for the head-up, Renae.
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chiming in late as usual,
I live In Clinton, Iowa. about 45 mintues from Davenport, and probably 2 hours or so from Des Moines(HI Debby!)
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St-Bruno, Quebec. Though with our dang-blasted forced mergers, we're now "Longeuil, arrondissement St-Bruno" (I will not get into politics, I will not get into politics, I will not...)

I live about 1/2 an hour's drive away from Montreal.
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Shell, maybe sometime in the future I will take a trip up there and we could get together!
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Sounds great to me Kathy! You tell me when and I'll make some arrangements!
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Will do that for sure! It may have to be after the kids go back to school....I will keep in touch though and let you know.
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Oceanside California, very near Camp Pendleton marine base, 25 miles from San Diego, 85 miles from Los Angeles. Linda
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Beautiful Monterey, California.
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