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My kittens are now 6 months old

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When we first adopted them, around 3.5 months old.

Recent photos:

They are definitely in their rebellious stage but we have lots of for them. They have doubled maybe tripled in size since we first got them too, but they are still small cats (for now). I think it's amazing how they have bonded with both my boyfriend and I in different ways. We even get greeted by one or both any time we walk in the front door.

Thanks for looking!
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They're adorable! What genders are they and what are their names??
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mschauer - Oops, I forgot to include that. Both are male kittens.

Logan is the silver tabby (although he is getting some brown on him now so I don't know if he's now qualified as a brown tabby?) Nacho is the red tabby.

Both are littermates. I don't think they have ever been apart from each other. Which means, if one has to go to the vet, they both go. They get along great and both love attention. I think there were 3 or 4 born to their mom who was a feral cat. The cat rescue TNR'd the mom once the litter was weaned.
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I love that gangly "teenage" look cats get around 6 months! My boys are litter mates too and they have only been apart one time. Bitty has had troubles with bladder crystals and he had to be hospitalized for emergency surgery a few years ago. Swat was lost without him and it was only for one night!!
Enjoy your boys! They're adorable.
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Logan and Nacho are really adorable. They have grown up to be handsome young boy cats!
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My girls say your boys are very handsome!
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