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wow, time sure is flying this morning....

In a few mins, I'm gonna head off to play on the Wii and get all sweaty. Then maybe run some errands.
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Drinking some coffee, watching Fraiser, and procrastinating studying for my chem quiz later this afternoon, .
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^ I too am enjoying some coffee. I am not feeling to well today, my throat is hurting and I cut my mouth open and now it has turned into a major sore, so eating anything hurts like no other!! I am watching GMA and dreading having to start getting ready for school..Maybe my journalism teacher will put on a movie to watch? I hope sooo!!
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Just finished a video conference with on of my instructors, am going to finish up a bit of school work, do another video conference in about 1/2 hour then run some errands.
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finished my lunch, and gonna hit the shower here shortly and then relax in the hottub for 20mins.
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Trying to stay awake little man got me up early this morning and I have too much to do... I might have to go lie down for just a few minutes. Zzzzzzzz.
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Just got home a few minutes ago, put a pork roast in the oven for dinner and now am going to do a few chores then maybe rest for a bit. Feeling very weary today for some reason.
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Going to try to Nap.-........
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chillaxin..... It's been a more productive day than my usual.... I'm hoping to be in bed at a decent hour tonight, so I'm getting my in, then the computer is going off It seldom goes off LOL.
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I should go to sleep (it's 2.40 AM here) because I need to wake up early, but I'm not tired at all. So here I am spending my time on TCS and facebook...
'I don't get enough sleep because I stay up too late for no reason..'
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gonna go watch some tv for a bit.....maybe read cuz the show I want to see isn't on for an hour.

Gnight folks.
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Heading off to watch tv soon, I am quite tired this evening for some reason. My knee is really bothering me so no doubt that is the reason....Everyone have a great evening...
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Watching TV before bed. Exhausted for some reason tonight, and have to get up way too early tomorrow.
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Getting ready to go back to school tonight! Hopefully I wont fall asleep like I about did in my afternoon class!
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Hand-sewing an 18th C. petticoat and also hand-sewing ruched silk ribbon to a silk hat brim for the same outfit. I'm gettin' real tired of hand-sewing this junk! (I still have the stays/corset to finish, then I have to cut out the dress, sew that, and the coordinating under-skirt for the dress.)

(If you're wondering why I don't use a machine, it's because I'm a weirdo about authenticity. The sewing machine wasn't invented until the 1840's, and we're doing 1776. Most reenactors I've seen machine-sew the hidden seams, and hand-sew the ones that show. I just can't do it, though, in the interests of an October deadline, I'm cheating on the stays, as nobody will see them. If I don't get the stays done first, I can't fit my dress.)

I wonder what normal people do on Wednesday nights????
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
it is now approaching 8:30AM here (when I posted, it was just before 8am)
So that does that make you 16 hours behind NZ? I think it does! WOW!

it's 9pm here now and I'm pretty tired. Got a few things to do before bed though. Including feeding/watering cats and writing some adds for our cat show!

Susan - I tried to multi quote you into the message but alas, no luck. Well done you - I really enjoy accounting. How long is the course?
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Yah, the time dif between here and NZ is NUTS. 16hrs time dif is a pain in the butt.

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Just finishing off my hot chocolate and thinking about heading out shortly. I have to stop by the bank and I am thinking if I do it before school I won't have to do it afterwards....Hmmmm sounds like a plan..
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I'm heading for the couch to watch a movie/nap if it happens.....
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good morning everyone!...

desk office,...
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Taking a bit of a break for a few minutes. Starting to go cross-eyed from reading my Communications textbook on sentence structure. Gee's who knew saying "I want to go home now." could be so complicated.
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no nap yet.... today is just one of those days. I'm gonna try again in a bit once my muscle relaxer starts working.
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Im enjoying my coffee and some donuts I picked up by the vets office this morning. I feel awful!!! I took Murphee to the vet to get neutered this morning, he was sooo good inthe car and as I got him out he began to meow , he is coming home this afternoon but i just feel so bad for leaving him there, I hope he doesnt think i am abandoning him . I am going to leave for school in a bit...only one class!!!
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I now know that one of my favorite words "however" is a conjective adverb.....if I learn nothing else this year...my money's been well spent....

Sorry guys that is what happens when you read over 30 pages on sentence stucture you go a little loppy.
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Yippee I am home, ever have one of those days that you thought would never end...Well I just did. I started 1/2 early this morning and I think that is what through me off. Anyway the kitties have been feed, the litter has been scooped and now I am going to relax for a bit.
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.....time to rest...
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Just having my morning hot chocolate and trying to get some motivation going here.
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Susan, if you find motivation, let me know where I can get some cuz I'm lacking today

morning and coffee.
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Drinking some TheraFlu, hoping I'll be able to get some sleep soon.
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