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why did she leave

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hi every one havent been on in ages so thought id pop in and say hell all you peole are amazing on here n have helped me so mutch lots of purrs and mauws to your kittys my 3 moggis are doing fantastic n it never seases to amaze me the different personalities each cat has my 2 females are all cuddly but min my boy cat comes near omg there so nasty 2 him he is maddddd tho n sits on there faces n stuff 2 annoy them but what i wanted 2 ask you experienced moggy lovers was i used 2 have a cat called boots she was 2 when we moved house got her settled sent everywhere n had started letting her out, at our old address she used 2 follow me everywhere even to the shops n back but this happened here n someone lifted her thinking she was aneighbours cat that was missing and took her where her sent wasnt after 3 weeks of advertising we found her but when we took her home it was like she ddnt knw us and she was so stressed she peed in bedroom n escaped out house back to where she was we decided not to stress and upset her any more she wanted to be ther but she was so loved and spoilt what did we do wrong the lady that has her is now going mad saying her other pets aint happy ect ect but why take a cat feed n home it if you dont want it n cause all this upset ny suggestions as i have no idea??
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My thought is that Boots is confused and afraid. Her scent was no longer at your new house after she was taken away for so long.

The lady that is feeding her and not liking her being there is a problem for all animals involved. I would get her out of that situation if the lady does not take ownership of her and care for her. She is still your cat, right?

She was probably acting like she didn't know you because of the time gone by and her fear. She may not have been at your new home long enough to adjust there. Different time is needed for each cat.

I would get her home and keep her closed in a room to herself so she can readjust. It can be done with time, love and patience. She can stay in her room until her scent is established in there and the other cats can smell her presence.

After some time follow the introduction suggestions listed here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22301

If she is your cat, can you get her home and try to let her adjust to your new home? Where she is now does not seem like a good situation.

Wishing you and Boots the best.
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