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I need help

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I need some help! I have two cats, born in the wild, who were brought inside and handled by about 3 weeks of age. I've had them for about 8 months, and the male is beginning to rub against my leg, doesn't run away from me and is showing progress. The female, sister to the male, is frightened silly. What can I do? Is it realistic to separate the two? Try to cage the female for a while and socialize her to humans? I really am worried about the female..she climbs the drapes, is scared of noises, company,etc. I'd like to help her. What to do?
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but I would not seperate her. I think it would create even more anxiety to be seperated from her brother. Try a feliway spray or plug in. Emitts a comforting smell for them. I have not tried it, but I know people swear by it. I would just try to keep my home as peaceful as possible. Do everything in slow motion around her. I found getting down on the floor at their level and maybe playing solitare (that's what I did for 9 months it took to tame a feral I have). Have treats in your hand and every once in a while, toss one her way). Pay little attention to her. She just may venture nearer and nearer and that is a good thing. Again, I think she should not be segregated. She needs to realize that the world is not going to "do her in". Maybe some people will disagree, but that is just my opinion. Good luck!
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