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Well what concerns me is on the tube it says 10% and on the box on the sticker they put on there, it says 9.1%. Im just overly cautious about what I give my animals though, Im so afraid I'm gonna give them something that they shouldnt have so Im gonna just send mine back I think.
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There is a instructions for U.S. residents in the box too with a phone number ,so I'm gonna call tomorrow and see what they have to say about it. It was after 5 and they are closed now, I'll let you know what they say.
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I just e-mailed them so I will wait for a reply. You really have me thinking also because I'm using this on both my cats and dog so I want to make sure it is correct. I thought I read on another post where somebody else did this but they bought theirs from Australia I think.

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Here is that web site

it's not as good a deal we got from pet guys but I think it's better than 1800petmeds. I'm going to wait on a reply and just see what they have to say back. I will certainly let you know. Hopefully I will hear something by tomorrow.

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I have another idea.....I know my pet store (which I really need to go to) carried the Advantage. I can look on the packaging there also. But, I don't think I will be going there until tomorrow anyway.

Oh well, we will get to the bottom of this!

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Okay, thanks!
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I already got a reply back from petguys.


Thank you for your inquiry. The product we sent you is from the UK and its packaging is slightly different from the US version. Both use the same exact ingredients with the UK version using 10% Imidacloprid for a 25kg dog (55.116lbs) and the US version using 9.1% Imidacloprid for a 55lbs plus dog. Only use two tubes if the dog is over 40kg (88.185lbs) and spread evenly product on four spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail. The 10% Imidacloprid is slightly stronger than the 9.1% to accommodate the UK conversion of 25kg which is slightly more than 55lbs (55.116lbs). Both the UK version and the US version are made in Germany and are exported to both the US and the UK. We hoped to have answered your questions. Please let us know if we can be of any more service.

What do you think now?

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I think I'm gonna send mine back and get an American packaged version, I dont want to take any chances. I think that pet meds sells it for 40.99, free shipping, thats only about 10.00 more than I paid. I just question why an American based company is selling a product from the UK, sounds fishy to me. Just dont want to get something that is a phony product.
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I'm inclinned to agree with you. Did she say how to send this back? Do we have to pay shipping to send it back?

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She didnt say, Im going to call this morning and find out what to do, and get it back in the mail today, I called 1800petmeds and they said that their products are 100% guaranteed to be sold in the united states and are the actual products that the vets here get. So Im gonna pay a few bucks more and get it from them.
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Okay, let me know what she says about how to ship this back. If you need a reference number to send it back I can call myself.

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I called them and they will take it back, you will have to call for a return reference number and she said they will credit back the total amount, including return shipping. I ordered more from 1800petmeds this morning, for 40.99, no shipping and no tax.
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Got my Advantage today from 800petmeds. Its the real thing. I did put it on my dogs and Im waiting for help from my husband to help with my cats later.
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That's great Malynn. I'm still waiting on my return authorization to send mine back.

I did go to vet and get one dose for big dogs and did Chen Li (my pekingese) cause I know his dosage was 1mL but still not sure on the cats. Do you agree with the 1 drop per pound on a cat? I know two of my cats are not over 9lbs.

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I gave my cats theirs yesterday, they got .4 ml. and they did fine, I still have to do the kittens but I want to make sure I can watch them since they like to bathe each other and wrestle with each other, I dont want them to get it in their mouths.
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bumping this up for the member in Florida
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I do this and it's worked great. Sometimes they do lick each other but it is not toxic in low doses. It tastes so bad that they stop licking once they get even a tiny bit in in their mouths.
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This is what we do. Saves a lot of money.
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Ok its almost time for the kitties new dose of flea meds. I plan on using the large dog advantage. Both the kitties are under 9lbs so i will have leftovers of the tubes.

How do u store the leftovers for the next months?

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They say to store it in a cool dry place. Just remember to shake it before retreatments.
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I put mine in a glass vial from the health food store (they sell different sizes of glass bottles and vials for storing essential oils), and put one of the stickers from the Advantage packet on the vial to label it, then put it in the refrigerator.
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