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Eeekkk a mouse!!!!!

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Hubby is away for the day to day so i though with him out of the way i would do some serious cleaning. I recently got a bagless hoover ( It's scarey what it picks up !!!! !!) and decided to give it a good work out. Tabitha and Daisy have always been scared of the hoover,which isn't surprising! Tabitha wont come back in the room for about an hour after ! So im just about to start, and i go and get the extention thingy so i can get into the corners when i pull the furniture out. When i came back in the room Tabitha was plaing with the end of the tube part! Which is a first,usually she wont even walk past it even if it's not plugged in ! I told her what i was about to do and off she went.
I switched it on and away i went. All of a sudden i realised that it wasn't picking anything up. Great, i thought it's broken and ive only just got it !! and started think where did i put the recipt. I decided to have a look at the filter and took it apart. I couldn't see anything and was about to give up and put it all back together, while cursing!! and out from the other end of the tube fell a purple mouse !!!!! That's what Tabitha was putting up the tube while i was out of the room !!!! I can't tell you what a fool i felt !!!
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Just be glad it wasn't a live mouse.
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I thought you were going to say a live mouse too!!

If it's a windtunnel, they are scary!! I love mine .

The only thing is I find the screws fall out of the back very easily, but you can replace them (I'd wait until the warentee runs out first ) as long as they are the same size. Mine actually doesn't get clogged very often, but if you suck up wet hair you have to take the entire back appart, but it's actually pretty easy to do!

Also you can wash (hand wash & let dry 3 to 4 days until COMPLETELY dry) the filters once they get dirty becuase they are a little expensive to replace .
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Very funny! My cats hunt toy animals since they are inside only. One of my dogs fancies himself a "hunter/gatherer" though. He brings me avocados and live critters. Over the years he has presented me with countless possums, a squirrel, 2 flightless baby birds, and others. I always put the critters where they can safely return to their homes. The baby birds went to wildlife rehab since they wouldn't stay in the nest. Funniest time was when I thought he had an avocado in his mouth. He usually places them in my hand. He's a big dog with big lips so I didn't see it first. Luckily, I was busy and slow taking this "avocado" so he put it on the floor. Well, it was a live gopher!! It ran in to my closet!!
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Hehe, cats are great and it sounds like both yours are characters! Maybe they need a friend to keep them out of trouble?? :P
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I was expecting a live mouse too! Lord knows how many cat toys I have sucked up in my vacuumm. One word of advice....make sure you know where the cats are when using it under the couches. I accidently sucked up Harley's tail. Didn't hurt him in the least since it was just a suction one, but he definitely WAS NOT HAPPY! I figure it was his fault because he didn't run into the other room like he normally does, he was just being lazy under the couch and I didn't know he was there.
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"Nature abhors a vacuum...but not as much as a cat does!"
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