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Sick Kitty?

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Greetings everyone,

I'm pretty worried here. Yesterday I noticed my cat (2 year-old bengal) wasn't eating much and sleeping pretty quietly. I could tell she wasn't feeling well just by her body language - pretty lethargic.

Anyway, she seems to have improved ever so slightly today, but is still hesitent to eat or drink much. She's definitely feeling something because usually when I get home she runs up to me and rolls over on her back, showing her happiness.

I'm worried sick about her.

I have a vet appt. set up for later this week, and she is up to date on all her shots.

Is it possible she just has a kitty flu or ate something bad?

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You should ask Nial/Kai Begals about your cat.
I a sure he will give you advice.
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One other thing I forgot to mention --

She threw up last night, and then this morning (hasn't since then). It's just been a watery/foamy consistency (sorry for the detail).

Not sure what that means. Would a bad hairball make her act this way?

She seems to be doing a bit better, jumping up on things and scratching, but she's back to her sleeping spot now. Hopefully just some rest will do the trick :/
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It does not sound like a hairball.
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I would be concerned enough to phone the vet again to stress that your kitty is not eating/drinking/acting normally - and see if they can't get you in sooner.
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Her vet appt. is for Wednesday at 3.

I'd like to see if she improves tomorrow at all. I got her to drink some water out of the faucet tonight (her favorite) so that's good. She doesn't drink much normally as is, so it's tough to get her to do that on command.

As for food, I can't tell if she's eaten much.

Is it possible she has some sort of bug/kitty flu, etc?
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I agree - call the vet and explain the entire history, including the vomiting, lethargy, etc. (I keep a notebook when things start looking iffy - just in case I need to provide a timeline to the vet)....see if they can move the appointment up, or at least give you advice as to what you should be doing (sometimes with vomiting they'll suggest withholding food for 24 hours to let the tummy settle) - but they need to know all the circumstances.

It may be absolutely nothing to worry about - but call the vet anyway and get their advice too, I think.
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It is possible for a cat to start liver failure if it does not eat in 48 hours. I personally would try to get the vet appointment sooner than Wednesday.
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I, also, would not wait until Wednesday.

Is she peeing and pooping normally? If she has not peed normally, or is only leaving little dots, or straining in the litter box and/or if she has not had a bowel movement in several days, or is straining to poop, she needs to be seen now.

Cats dehydrate very quickly, and their organs begin to shut down after only a few days without food.

Even if it is "just" a hairball (and it could be) hairballs can cause very serious trouble, including surgery to remove them. Ask for x rays.

I have dealt with very serious hairball problems myself. Very scary.

Please keep us updated.
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Well, I'm going over there right now to check on her and buying her some wet food to try and get her to eat.

She was definitely more active and perky this morning when I woke up, so that's a good sign. She's also peeing and pooping normally as well with no straining. I just couldn't get her to eat or drink anything on the spot. I did get her to drink last night, but she's VERY picky and doesn't do much on command... only when she feels like it.

I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for all your help.
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Well, I got her to eat something and she's now drinking from the tub (she loves faucets) but my vet seems unwilling to work with me in getting her in earlier to look at her.

It just amazes me just how many bad vets are out there. This is my 3rd one I've been to and seriously, they doctors themselves are all &*** and the receptionists that handle scheduling and planning seem completely lost with their heads in the clouds.

Unbelievably disappointing.

If anyone has a vet recommendation for the greater Milwaukee, WI area, then please let me know.
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well, that sound good, and crossing my fingers this was just a case of an 'off day' for your baby - but, honestly, I think I'm going to send my vet's practice a thank you note. So far, they've always gotten me in same day when I've had an issue, and have been great phone advice when the issue was a little cloudier. And believe me, I'm a nervous mommy and call a lot!

The receptionist at the office has told me that they keep 'emergency' spots open to get acute cases in, and that the vets would be very very angry if they found out that someone couldn't get in. And, it seems to be a busy practice to me - been there 15+ years.
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I understand your dismay at finding a good vet. When I moved to this area 12 years ago it took 4 practices and 7 years to find the vet I have now. And even in this clinic, there are six vets, (two owners and four staff vets)

My vet is one of the staff vets, but I saw each vet at least once while deciding. Now there are four (including mine) who I like and there are two who I would prefer to never have to use.

Receptionists can be a problem, especially when they use their own judgment on whether something is an emergency or not, or dispense advice, which they should not EVER do.

The receptionists know me well enough now to know I will not be put off until "next week". They know that I know my cats and can judge the seriousness of a situation. I know that most vets leave openings in their daily schedule for emergencies. Those appointments cannot be filled until the day of.

So say I called on a Tuesday afternoon and asked for an appointment the next day and was told there were none. If I (knowing my cats well, and having enough experience to judge) feel that my cat can't wait more than another day, I simply call the next morning and ask for an emergency appointment.

It does take time to build up that kind of relationship with the staff though. Receptionists can be tough nuts to crack. If your vet has voice mail, that is one way to get through.

Oh well this is all off topic, sorry. I'm glad that your girlie seems to be doing a bit better, but this trouble definitely needs to be sorted out. Has food allergy been considered?

What's her name?
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This is my girl, Sophia:

I'm hoping she's coming to now as well. The vet said they can get me in first thing tomorrow morning. The girlfriend said she's up and about, sitting in the sun which is good (she's been sleeping a lot). I'll just have to try and get her to eat more when I get home - I'm the only one she'll take food from if it's not on her plate/dish.
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OH my, Sophia is a beauty! And just look and that Yummy Tummy! I just want to smooch and snuffle it!

Be sure to let us know how it goes tomorrow morning. Do you brush her daily? Use hairball remedy?

Tolly likes to be hand fed when he doesn't feel well, too.

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Oh, my gosh - she is just beautiful - I so hope she's getting all better!

I've got to admit, I do try and get the front desk staff to like me. Once, when they got me in very early when I was worried that Dharma had scratched her cornea, I returned the next day with a little treat basket from Trader Joe. And, I really have sent thank you cards to the staff in general, for their patience with my two.

The other thing I noticed is that the vets seem to like me because, when they said I should bring in a cat for a follow-up visit after an anal infusion, well, I did (cost all of $20, too). They just seemed amazed. You have to wonder how many owners they meet who don't come in for regular check-ups, etc. But, I like to stay on the books as a regular client - I figure someday it may come in very handy.
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Thanks everyone.

Here's a few more pictures of her.

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Wow! She is stunning. We'll all keep our fingers crossed for you and her of course.
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Wow, she is pretty! One thing that I would worry about with foamy/clear vomit is an intestinal obstruction. I don't think she would eat, though, with one of those. My kitty Elsa had one of those and almost died because we were out of the country. The pet sitter had to make the decision to have a very expensive surgery, and thank goodness they did decide to do it!
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Is there anything I can ask tomorrow that can help while at the vet? I just really want to get this taken care of. My girlfiriend just called and said she threw up again

I'm just nervous a situation like this:

is going to happen.

I don't want a bunch of tests and x-rays and everything run on her if it's not going to help. I'm not broke, but I just bought a house a month ago and can't afford thousands of dollars for crazy different procedures...
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An x ray will show if she has a blockage, so that is an important test.

A CBC (blood test) will show things like white cell blood count (if elevated can indicate infection.) and red cell (too low can indicate anemia)

Full blood work (usually sent out to a lab, so more expensive) will show if there are any organ malfunctions. It will show thyroid levels, blood calcium, (elevated can mean presence of cancer) kidney function, and liver enzymes, what's going on with the pancreas.

Kidney disease can cause the kind of problem she is having. It's rare but not unheard of for a young cat to have kidney failure, usually a genetic problem. Liver shunts can also cause this type of illness. Pancreaticitis, too.

A urinalysis can give info on whether diabetes is a problem, if there is a UTI or crystals, or a kidney infection (not the same thing as kidney disease).

Those are the most basic tests, and the ones I would ask for.

If your vet suspects fluid build up arund the heart or lungs an ultrasound may be suggested.

Has Sophia been tested for FeLV/FIV? (Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS)

You can ask your vet if s/he thinks a food allergy is a possibility. The best way to determine this is to feed a special food that contains no known allergens. If her condition improves, then it's likely you are dealing with food allergy.

Gradually adding other foods with certain known allergens (chicken, fish, grains) will rule out which ones to avoid.

You can ask about IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

If you are not satisfied with the answers you are getting from your current vet, a second opinion would be your next step.

I hope this is helpful to you
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I just looked at the link you posted. I saw where someone was asking about things sprayed around the house.

Could she be getting into any kind of cleaner, or plant? Do you use any kind of room deodorizers that she could be sensitive to?

What kind of cat litter do you use?

She could have ingested a string or other foreign object.

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Nice bengal girl you have there.

I guess I'm the resident bengal expert here, but what you have is a sick kitty and not a bengal specific problem, so I agree with the advice you have been given so far.

The only thing I would suggest you might try, is feeding her boiled chicken breast, no seasoning, no bones.

It's very bland and shouldn't bother her stomach too much. If she likes it, just feed her a few morsels, don't let her wolf a bunch of it down.

Feed a few morsels, wait 15 minutes, give her a few more, etc.

The idea is for her to keep the food down so she gets some nurishment prior to you getting her to the Vet.
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Thanks again everyone.

I know she's been tested for everything and is up to date on all her shots, so that's good.

She's in the process of using her litterbox as I type, so that's another good sign. Overall, her demeanor seems to have improved. She's moving around more and purring a little bit and giving me head butts (I love that) and all that, but she's still hesitant to eat anything. She will drink though, so that's good.

I'll cook up some chicken tonight -- good call on that. That's actually her favorite food to eat.
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So, last night I got Sophia to eat about six or so bites of chicken (hand fed, I made about half a chicken breast and broke it up into small bites for her) which was great. Also got a little more water in her and she slept soundly again.

Woke up today and she seemed pretty good overall, but maybe still a little under the weather.

Took her to the vet and he said everything looked and sounded good -- heart, lungs, ears, eyes, teeth, mouth and her activity level seemed healthy.

He did say however that she did have a fever. I forgot what exactly her temp. was but he said it'd be the equivelent of a human having a 100 to 101 degree temp. Nothing you'd probably go straight to the ER over, but you'd definitely be feeling.

So, he gave her two shots (antibiotics, I presume) and we made our way home. Once we got there however, that's when things got great -- she made a bee line to her little plate of chicken that I put on the ground for her and she dug right in!! SO good to see. Her appetite definitely seems to be back and she's giving me head butts and acting normal for the most part, thank goodness.

The doctor said he'd recommend starting with these shots and then, if she doesn't improve, doing blood work if necessary. Said that given her age, and healthy vitals and all that, we could cross that road only if we need to.
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That's wonderful news. Heres hoping she is all back on track.
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I am glad she is ok.
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Great news! I'd be willing to bet that one of the shots your girl got was a
B-12 shot.
Stimulates their mood and appetite.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Great news! I'd be willing to bet that one of the shots your girl got was a
B-12 shot.
Stimulates their mood and appetite.
Ya, I'm guessing that, too.

She's been bouncing off the walls ever since I got home from work.. goodness! She still hasn't touched her dry food yet, but she ate a good bit of chicken today, and she's a pretty skinny kitty as is, so I'm not worried about it.
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