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My two little survivors - pics

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Well, here for all the world to see and celebrate, are the two little survivors who came out of today's drama. We miss their two little siblings who have passed on but these two deserve to be celebrated!

Firstly, let me present...eenie
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And here's... meenie
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Miny and Mo didn't make it but I raise my heart and my glass to them
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awww what sweethearts!
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Cutie pies!!!! I looooove Meenie's markings Congrats and good luck with these two tiny ones :rainbow:
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Awww! Such sweeties.
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What beautiful little babies!

And to Miney and Moe, two angels who will always be there to look after their siblings, their mum, and Misty's mum too.
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Your two little survivors are adorable! : Make sure to post pictures as they continue to grow.
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How sweet they are! Congrats and good luck!
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Just thought I'd add a couple more, now that Misty has accepted them again! Hurrah!
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Not too good a photo but I'm lovestruck so any pic is a great pic - my two little heros!
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awwww They are SOOO cute!!!!! Since mine are all white i just can't imagine colorful babies they grow up SOOOO fast! Make sure to take TONS of pics. I took tons and wish I would have taken even more!!
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Oh Linka, what beautiful babies you have there. I'm so glad to see that Misty is taking them now. She just needed some time to get her strength back up.


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They are sooo precious!!!!
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How adorable!!! Congratulations to you both!
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What absolutely adorable babies you have there
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They're sooooo precious!!!!!
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Thanks everyone, I have to say they really are and they've got such different personalities! Eenie (he's got the white beard) is a right squiggler wriggler when we hand feed him and he's very very vocal, meenie (he's got a white mouth and white dash across his eye) is the wise quiet one, but fast, oh boy is he a fast crawler!!!!

I am SO VERY PROUD of Misty! In the hours we've been back home, she has turned into the model mummy. Really really attentive and patient, I mean she must still be in some pain from her wound area and yet she lies there and lets the two rascals crawl all over her, searching their nipples. When we have to hand feed them the extra formula she's right there, trusting us because she loves us but never straying away, licking in between syringes. She really loves them it's so obvious. She makes me so happy watching her with them, after all the trauma she and I and ofcourse the little ones went through today!!!

I knew in my heart of hearts she would be a good mummy, even though the vets said she would not take them back she proved them all wrong!!

Bless my Misty!!
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What gorgeous beebee's .. Sam
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I am so happy to hear that Misty proved the vet wrong and took to the really sweet and cute lil darlings. Good Luck and I hope Misty continues to feel better.
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linka tomorrow I would go searching for baby kitten bottles- ask your vet, they should carry them. Syringes will (if used incorrectly) harm a baby kitty if liquid is squirted down their throat wrong of to quickly.
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we do have a kitten bottle for feeding but the vet said to wait a few days as their mouths are so little! They are tiny little babies, probably because Misty is so petite...?

I am being extra extra careful, because I know the syringes have that hard edge, and I'm getting into a technique, thankfully I'm a nurse (for humans) so my syringe technique is pretty good!!!LOL

Misty is doing fine this morning and babies are suckling well now, and happy to be with mummy! She's very attentive!!!
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Linka, congratulations to you and Misty on the birth of the little ones - I'm so sorry two didn't make it.

You'd be surprised about the bottle, I've had small one-day-old kittens take to the bottle and the teat doesn't give them any trouble at all. Just make sure the hole in the top of the teat is the right size. Hold the bottle upside-down. If you have to squeeze the bottle to get drops of formula to come out, the hole's too small. If formula drips fast or runs from the teat, the hole's too big. What you're aiming for is slow dripping from the hole. You might want to give the bottle a go and see how the kits take to it.

The pics are wonderful!
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PS It's good to give Misty a little formula in a bowl if she likes it. This will give her a nutritional boost and also help with her milk production.
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Thanks Tania,

I'll give it a go today!
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Actually, she's been trying to lick from the little bowl, where we make up the formula and fill up the syringes! I'll try to give her some today!!
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LOL mate.
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Congratulations, linka! Best wishes to Misty, Eenie and Meenie.
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I am SO PROUD of Misty. After everything, she is being SUCH a good mum. At times, I could be sitting in the living room and I hear her call me, and I go and see that she's having trouble settling with the little ones to suckle, so I help her get positioned and then leave her to it. I love the fact she asks for help, it seems so human really, learning to be a mum. Last night one of the little ones was trying to scamble over the front edge of the box and rolled back, Misty looked up at me meowed, I picked him up put him back and then made the front higher. It was psychic communication, nothing less!!LOL

The update is that both the kittens are doing well (fingers crossed), they are suckling on their mummy and getting suplemented feeds from us every two hours, but they seem to be less eager for those, than they were yesterday evening. All through the night whenever I got up to feed them, they were getting harder and harder to feed.

I spoke to the vet who asked me if they were ever mewling while suckilng or searching and mewling for another nipple. They're not, they seem happy enough, most of the time ending up falling asleep at the nipple, or after a good bath from Misty. We're still going to keep the extra 2 hourly feeds for now, I don't want to stop and then regret it later. They take what they need and I don't mind getting up every 2 hours....yawn... LOL no really I actually enjoy those moments, feeding them, with Misty tentitively watching over them. They're so gorgeous.

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Oh mate, I'm so glad everything is looking so good. Well done to you too!
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