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Tail stiches

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The poor cat had to have a bump removed from his tail and now he has a 2-3 inch stitched up incision. within 20 minutes of being home he ripped 2 stitches out and i had to take him back to the vet they put a cone on him but hes always been to good at taking collars off and it only lasted about 45 sec no matter how tight it is. the cone is not an option for him and it just adds to his discomfort to wear it, the short time it is on. i was just wondering if there is any medication to give him to help the pain cause jsut wagging his tail is hurting him and causes him to growl and want to bite at it or just run off and hide.
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One thing you could try is a foam collar - they are often better tolerated - http://petsguard.com/default.aspx

Another option is to cover the tail in something like a thin sock (baby leggings?), and tape it on to keep it secure.

Good luck!
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Hello guys,here some information im putting,

The only thing I can think of to deter him would be using some lemon juice around the end of his tail. Definitely avoid the stitched area, to avoid pain and infection, but if you get the lemon juice close to that area,it would deter him from trying to bite at the tail. Cats hate citrus. Also vinegar will work most of the time. Hopefully the collar they gave you protrudes forward far enough where theres no way he can get to the tail though. If not, I would find a crafty way of making one myself.

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