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Jack chatters at his toy

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Silver bengal Meridian Full Metal Jacket part Deux, better known as and much easier to say....Jack, is annoyed that his favorite toy is out of reach. He chatters his displeasure:
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Oh that was so sweet!!!. Jack and Rosie would get on well with each other
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Nial, that is my favorite sound in the world. Mag is a serious chatterbox at night when I get home. I swear he's telling all about his day.
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What a cutie patootie! Spooky used to chatter at the birds. I love that sound!
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I love Jack.... he looks like the perfect cat, with his ear, his eyes, that nose and the way his lip curls when he chatters and those spots........ what a handsome cat. Im sure he will do excellent in the show ring.
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When Baby Bonnie does something she KNOWS she's not supposed to do, and I tell her no, or get down, or something along those lines, she'll stop, look me dead in the eye and make those exact same little chatter noises. But ONLY when she's talking back!

Then I waggle my finger at her and tell her not to talk back at me, and she'll chatter at me again!

Seriously, how does anyone not love little chatterboxes.
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He's Gorgeous!!!
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