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Are your cats talkers?

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Pretty self explanatory. I'm not talking meowers, but the mews, trills, chirps, etc. All of the cats we had when I was growing up were never talkers, but now that I have my own (2 of which are, 1 who isn't), I'm wondering if it's common.

Harvey is my biggest talker. If I look at him he starts mewing and trilling. He also talks to find where I am (because of course the second I hear him I start making ridiculous baby talk) or where Danny or Luke are.

Luke talks a fair amount. Usually only when I walk into the bedroom (his primal hangout) and he thinks it's either bedtime or reading time. I walk in and he immediately starts telling me that it should be reading time RIGHT now and I should enjoy the fact that he thinks books are pillows.

Danny hardly EVER talks, only when he sees a reflection on the wall or a bird outside.

So, what about your crew? Yay or nay?
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I've had some very talkative cats, but none of ours are, particularly. However, occasionally Sterling will use "the voice," usually to express his dismay at being left behind a closed door from his beloved Dottie.
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Speck trills to announce himself when he walks into a room. He also chatters at reflections and lights. Daisy is a growler. She pretty much lets you know where she stands on a situation. Siamie has a large vocabulary and is also a triller. Marshmallow is the strong, silent type.
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Both of mine are chatterboxes - Freya's the worst.
She's hold an entire conversation with you, chirps mews, the works. And she's expresive about it so it actually sounds like she's asking questions (or arguing with my husband )
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Of my 9, two are pretty talkative - the eldest and the one who gets along with everybody. However, any of them will get noisy when he/she needs something.
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Mine are all chatty cats.
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Molly's a squeaker, always chatting away. Dory coos to people & other animals. Eden has the "trademark" "obnoxious" Siamese meow. Margo's mouth is often moving, but rarely does she get a sound out.
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Yup, my kitty talks quite a bit in general, but the funniest is when i'm scolding her for something (not shouting mind you, just using a tone of mock severity )
and she will look at me with an incredibly annoyed expression and give this loud defiant MREOWW!
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Lucky yes.... she talks as much as her meowmy does- which is a lot!!
Bugsy and Hope on the other hand, not at all... they are very quiet kitties......
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Sophie talks quite a bit, but usually when she wants something or if we're talking about her and she wants us to stop or to be let in on the joke. I guess you could say she and I can hold a conversation, she can get so expressive I can figure out what she wants from me...most of the time. Of course, it doesn't mean she'll get it, since usually what she wants is canned food and she can't eat that anymore.
Squirrel is pretty chatty, he trills and chirps when he's looking for somebody to come and play with him. He also chirps at me sometimes when I ask him what he's up to. Sometimes he'll sit upstairs and cry for me to come up. If that doesn't work, he'll play around, thumping around louder than usual in an attempt to entice me up. Then he'll go back to crying. Sometimes he'll meow to find out where someone is in the house. Like right now.
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Dusty is a talker. If I talk to her, she always responds with a meow. And when we went away for a long weekend, boy did she let us have it non stop for about 3 hours when we returned! She has a special sound she uses when she is upset, and she whines when she doesn't get her way.
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Yes, she goes by the name of Rosie!. And Jack's not far behind her either
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I just have one cat, but there are three in the house, the other two are my husbands. My cat is the talky one and I think that's why I fell in love with him, plus he's bi-eyed. He always makes all kinds of little trills and coos, he rarely meows, usually only if he's "talking" to me.
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Threads like this make me miss my old kitty Riki (sniff) she used to "talk" to me all the time, anyone who got close enough to know here would swear she was half siamese because of all the yapping!

Miss Kitty is a real talker to, although this time I mean Meows, she'll have full conversations with you! She's the only cat I've ever had who actually comes when you call her "Meow, meow, meooow!" even if she's out in the field no more then 10 minutes later she's at the door . I'm sure my neighbours think I'm crazy. The funniest thing is that Tasha picked up the meowing from Miss Kitty & has started doing it too .

Peaches has little strange chirps and shrills, like my sister's cat Jedi, no one has ever heard either of them give a proper meow. It's pretty funny to hear peaches little "brrrRRR" when she wants attention or the little yap she musters to replace a mew.
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Scooter makes noises that sound like words. He says "feed me" "go out" and "noooo." It is too cute. Fluffy meows in different tones, Pearl and Pepper just give me dumb looks.
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post
She has a special sound she uses when she is upset, and she whines when she doesn't get her way.
Ku Ku's the same way. She's not talkative but she does have a sound

According to a book I've read long time ago(can't recall the title - sorry~), neutered male cats tend to be VERY talkative.
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Yup, one out of 3.

Kizzy chirps/mews/etc.... moreso when he wants something (play, attention, food, etc).

Kitchi will chirp, when he see's DaBird.

NoName, well, I think I can count on my hands how many times I've heard him even just meow.
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Hercules has this weird warble he makes when he is looking for attention which is rare hes a pretty solitary kitty...He gets real chatty when Fatman makes an appearance and Herc wants to play...FatMan is a flippin jabberjaw..He yells at us constantly and when he wants food you can tell he is up on the counter knocking stuff over yelling and yowling at us to get off our butts and feed him he is a starving kitty....GiGi is just starting to talk to us mostly she does it when we catch her napping in bed and she gives this adorable little chirpy sound that makes my wanna scritchy her up!!
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my heart skips a beat if i hear finn make any noise. she usually only makes a sound when we're in the car, so I always worry she's hurt if she makes a noise in the house. it's usually just that she's trying to find where i am, but i still worry until i see and kiss her.
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Oh My, yes I have talkers. KoKo and Tomiko are both talkers, but Tomiko (who is a Siamese) yowls, sings, chirps, cries, and yammers until I want to scream! lol When my husband takes a shower, she will get on the fourth step to the upstairs which is outside the bath, and yowl and carry on until he gets out of the bathroom and gives her scratches before he goes upstairs to get dressed. KoKo is a quieter mewer, and will mew me to death until I give them their treats. Daylight Savings Time has messed them up so he starts mewing for treats an hour early. YumYum is my little quiet one, but occasionally she lets out a bark and commences to play with no one (that humans can see anyway). She will bark and mew and yowl and run around for half hour then goes back to being quiet again.
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Yes my Pickles is a big talker and always telling me something --- like that is time for bed when I am at the computer or he wants out (even though he doesnt get to go out) or needs a treat and when I get home i hear him "yelling" at me when i get out of the car. Mostly he talks when it is bed time ( or that he thinks i should be in bed) he has gotten in this habit that he doesnt eat his dry food until i am in bed at night. so when he gets hungry he starts telling me !! He is so darn cute!
My other baby Mosey - he doesnt talk much at all- just when he doesnt know where we are he will let out a very sorry meow and i have to talk to him and tell him where we are then he comes running. that is the extent of his talking.
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Neither of our Siamese have been big talkers until recently which I've heard is rather the norm as they get older. Mika has a distorted voicebox and doesn't have a "normal" kitty voice but is very good at making her likes and dislikes known - she's such a little diva. Imagine putting your lips together and gently puffing through them - that's what she does if she doesn't like something. It is so funny to watch her do that.

Bijou talks more now than he ever has and it isn't just a short meow. John brought him outside on the deck with us the other night and Bijou tried to get away. John put him back in the house and you should have heard him "swear" at John. It was a long drawn out sentence almost.

He does talk to us if we talk to him and his top lip curls back - I love it.
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Ive had my new cat for about 2 months now and when we first got her she was the quietest cat ive ever seen, she would only meow for Temptations.

But now after the birth of her kitten, when she comes upstairs all i have to do is look at her and she starttttsssssss and doesnt stop.
Its the cutest thing, all the different noises she makes.

Ive always loved vocal cats, their meows win me over everytime!
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Originally Posted by PuddyTat View Post
I just have one cat, but there are three in the house, the other two are my husbands. My cat is the talky one and I think that's why I fell in love with him, plus he's bi-eyed. He always makes all kinds of little trills and coos, he rarely meows, usually only if he's "talking" to me.

What a little cutiee!
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Whimsey meows, but mostly he "gargles" deep in his throat when he is carrying on a conversation with me which is most of the time.

Merlin has his "good morning" meow, his I want attention NOW "meow," and a special "meow" when he thinks the other kitties are doing something that they shouldn't be doing.

Fancy was a feral mixed Siamese kitten who is usually silent, but on rare occasions squeeks.

Magic her black tabby litter brother always "meows" like he is in pain, but is perfectly fine.

Elizabeth & kitties
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Fable chirrups when he's 'hunting' birds through the window. Jupey talks whenever he's going to do something we consider naughty - knocking things off surfaces and jumping on top of ther bookcase etc. Emmy talks a lot especially when there's food involved and Meg, our new kitten shouts at me when she wants attention.
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