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I have a few questions for Persian breeders !!!

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Hi every one I need help with some questions that maybe Persian breeders with experience might help me out, so i bought my first Persian a year ago and i wish I was better informed about the breed and the person who I got him from, but anyways I'm not the only one who doesn't know about the breed and knowledge will come with years of experience.
The reason I am actually saying and asking a few questions is because my cat had surgery in both eyes due to cornea sequestrums which I am still learning about it, how do you breeders deal with the cleaning of their eyes what method do you guys use to keep them clean, how can I avoid more eye problems in the future, I try to clean his eyes regularly during the day, but now he has to use for life genteal, at least that's what the doctor told me, the doctor also told me that he probably has Feline Herpes Virus, which from what I understand is in their system or is s carried genetically is that true?, I have another cat but she is spayed and she was tested negative for everything and she doesn't have eye problems so I really don't think is her who's causing my Persian to get eye problems.
Another thing I am feeding my Persian Royal canine (Persian 30), is this a good type of food? he used to like wet(Natural Balance) and dry food mix together but not anymore, any tips for a better nutrition or tips for a better life anyone....
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I do not have a Persian but do have a cat with Herpes.
She gets L Lysine for it.
I use Royal Canin formy sphynx and have never had a problem.
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Do you mix the dry and canned together? Ours are fed one meal of dry (Royal Canin for Urinary) and a variety of brands of canned for supper. We use Wellness, Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, Max Cat and Iams in the canned.

The Persian people will help you out on tips for eye cleaning. I have all shorthair cats
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Hi there,

I'm a Persian breeder. Although I am in NZ so some products/advice does differ.

Firstly sorry you had a bad experience with your breeder. I've never heard of feline herpes in any pedigree cat here in NZ but have read about many backyard breeders in the states with it Like Mews2much (Jacky) suggested L-lysine is excellent for herpes problems however you are already feeding it!

The Royal Canin Persian 30 formula has L-lysine supplemented in its formula which should help with the eye problems. How long have you been feeding it for?

My breeding Persians are solely fed Persian 30 and fresh grass and they absolutely thrive on it.

With keeping the eyes clean. Firstly what colour is your kitty? Secondly do you have a picture? I can just tell which products to reccomend based on the style of face and tear ducts.

Two generic products which I swear by are Optrex eye liquid and Eye envy.

Here is a link to the optrex - http://www.ciao.co.uk/Optrex_Eye_Was..._Bath__6623236

That is the exact product I use here in NZ. I never actually put it in the cats eyes. Firstly for my eye routine is to wipe the area around the eye with a little cotton square like this - http://www.made-in-china.com/image/2...er-NS-H01-.jpg
and then I use a little comb like this (like a nit comb) http://www.i-pets.com/pics/product/2007/07-79027.jpg to remove the dried bits.
Next step I get another cotton square and dab on some optrex and just wipe it on the tear stained area of the cats face.

Never use water as it just spreads the stains. After this I use a product called eye envy which doesn't cover up the stains it actually removes them (I don't work for them, lol). It's so wonderful. I have been really suspicious of it but after seeing the ad for years I gave it a go (the powder) and fell in love!

Hope this helps.
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I just did some research on past threads and found out your baby is white and with a nice flat face. These two products will definitely be helpful to you then.

I spent years trying to keep my show cats faces white with warm water on a cotton sqaure. Water is a disaster.
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