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New Member with new kitten !!!

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I finally got my first kitten ! She is 4 weeks old. Any tips or tricks with a new kitten . Also any ideas on what kind it is ?

Thanks !

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Hi and welcome! She is awfully young to be away from mom? You need to keep her warm, keep feeding her a bottle of KMR about every 4 hours as a supplement as she tries to find her way with solid foods. Give her good canned kitten food and mix some dry kitten food with it. Royal Canin BabyCat 34 is excellent because it is small enough kibble for her tiny teeth to handle.

Could you share how you got this little one at such a young age?
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Welcome Dave! I know what kind it is - a very cute kitten! Does she have a name yet?

Let's for kittens. Get down on her level and make sure her surroundings/your home is kitten proofed and that she can't hurt herself in her youthful exuberance. Give her lots and lots of attention (hard not to do, really) and love. Make sure that you let her know that biting and scratching even in play is not acceptable. The best way to do this is when she does bite or scratch you take away the attention. Tell her No and then ignore her for a few minutes. It won't take long for her to make the connection.

Take lots of pictures of her - she will be all grown up before you know it! Most of all, enjoy her just being a kitten, with all the curiosity and trouble she will get into. It's just a fleeting moment in your life with her.
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Hi Dave Welcome to the boards. Sure is a cute kitty you have there. I agree with what the others said.
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What a little face!!!!! I just want to kiss her!!!
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Welcome to the board Dave! Your little baby is adorable. :
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welcome here! Has you rescued this kitty? Or is there another reason why she is so young seperatet from her mother?
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Welcome, welcome welcome!

I was new to this board not too long ago, just last week in fact!! I'm sure you're going to love it here! Everyone is really really nice and you end up getting rid of all your worries and myths and learning something as well!!!

The kitten is adorable, very young though!! We rescued a 5 week old kitten some months ago (now in a REALLY good home) and he actually suckled on my neck or ear lobe, leaving lovely little love bits, which I have to say were a bit of a worry to my boyfriend! LOL

But he is very young, has he been to the vet yet?
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I actually found my kitten in a card board box by the side of the road I wanted to thank everyone for their posts ! I am an avid car enthusiast and was thinking of naming her portia (porsch-a) either that or cloe ?? Any ideas or any other names ??? I have got her to go #2 in the litter box but she keeps peeing everything (like my pillow grrr) Any ideas and is this normal for a kitten ? Any other advice is welcomed greatly and thanks again ! !

ps anyone know what kind of kitten is it ?? i think its a persian mix.....
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She is so young, has she been to the vet? I would confine her right after she eats to a small area with two litterpans. I would put her in her litter pan right after she has taken her last mouthful, and not restrain her, but just stay near her to see if she does her business in the pan.

But if you have not taken this cutie to the vet, please do so tomorrow. She could have a problem which is why she is peeing on everything, though she could also just be stressed.

Have you heard of snugglekittie?
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Yes she has been to the vet for worming and a general checkup.
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More than likely she's very stressed. She doesn't understand why her mother and siblings are not there. Being so little, Mom probably never taught her proper potty etiquette. You will have to do this for her, and unfortunately I really don't know what to tell you about it. I'm sorry. I did a search and didn't find anything that would help. Perhaps it would be best to post your question in the Behavior Forum where our experts are more likely to see it.

Of course, Hissy is one of our experts so I would definitely start out with her advice.

She is a real cutie, and for some reason Portia seems to fit her to me. More than likely she is a mixed breed, especially seeing as she was dumped. Some irresponsible pet owner didn't want their cat to have kittens but didn't get Mom spayed.
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In order for this little one to learn about litter boxes. I would not use clay litter right now, but potting soil organic. She will instinctivily use a box of dirt before she uses clay litter. You will have to confine her after she eats for a short time, because if you just let her roam the house, she will potty wherever she wants to. If she is pottying on familiar objects of yours, she is stressed and misses her littermates and her mom. Just understand she is a baby, and she will have accidents and miss the box a few times. Please don't scold her, as she will not understand what she did wrong. It will take time and patience for her to get the idea, but she will eventually get the idea.
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Thanks for saving this kitten! Hope you'll be the best friends.
and you have to give our kitten:
-a litter box,
-a permament place for feeding
-warm place to sleep.
And remember, that the stomac of the kitten is a bit bigger than a kitten! It means that he needed to grow up and play and spend lots of energy. That is why you sould feed your sweet heart every 4 hours as it was said.
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I hate to say it doesn't look like there is much persian in your baby, maybe just a long haired cat in her family tree. I would invest in a Cozy Crate to keep her confined when you are not home to supervise her. There is room for a bed, litterbox, and still room for food/water and to play. This way she won't become stuck behind anything, or chew electrical cords, or have accidents where you won't find them.
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Hi Dave. Welcome! Your kitten is very cute. I think Portia is a perfect name for her too! (I think that is how you spelled it). She is very young so I think her peeing problem is just due to that fact. Some of the others have given you excellent advise. Keep us posted on her progress and please don't give up on her. You may just have to spend some time with her. Put her in a small box just big enough for her with a soft blanket, towel or rag and a ticking (wind up) alarm clock. She'll think it's mom's heartbeat! (So I've heard) It always worked for me the couple times I rescued very young kittens!

Tammie & Peaches
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She is very pretty! I also like the name Portia for her. She's very lucky you found her!!
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I was wrong the vet says she is 7 weeks old !! sorry for the confusion...

Btw she keeps biting my toes and bites in general, I know she is only playing, should i let this continue ?
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What a sweetie!!! Welcome to the boards! Gald to see you are here :jarswim: Hope to you arround!
Greetings from Simba's Mom!:pinky:
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Wow-what a great guy you must be to rescue this innocent little kitty. She is adorable! I agree with everyone else, she looks like a portia! Good luck!

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Welcome and what a wonderful person you are for saving this kitty. About the biting, I have experience with that, but a little too late. I have read DO NOT USE BODY PARTS AS TOYS, and it is true. Our 18 month old cat BK bites but it is in play because we let him bite. We know this and have to live with it now.
I would suggest getting toys for your kitten, a long string and tie a fuzzy mouse on the end and pull across the floor. If he bites you say no and do not play with him till he stops. It is a bad habit and your kitty is young and you can stop it.
The litter box issue, he needs to be in a small area with the litter box after eating. Watch him and after he goes then play with him, he will get the hang of it. Good luck, Clara
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Wow, she is teeny-tiny for 7 weeks!

She is little and probably doesn't know that biting is bad. When she bites in play, stop moving, and definitely stop playing. Tell her "No biting!" and then ignore her for a few minutes. She will get it very quickly that biting means the play stops, and that's no fun.
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Welcome Dave!

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