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mast cell tumor

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found a lump on my cat, vet said it didnt look bad but she aspirated it, came back as mast cell. she sounded completely negative, like there was no chance, but from what i've read online they dont know whether its bad or spread until they remove it and test it, its 1 bump, i'm pretty sure i caught it early, how serious are these things? btw he's going to get it removed tomorrow

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I can't answer the questions about the Tumor, I don't know any more than you from what I've read online.

What I do have to say is that if your vet continues her negative attitude or even suggests that euthanasia would be a good option, seek another vetrinarian.

I hate Vet's who condemn your pet to death. It sounds like pure laziness, and that person should not be a vet if they never have any hope.

for your kitty to come through the surgery well, and for a good recovery.
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thanks for the well wishes, i've been crushed ever since i heard the news. from what i understand, and its all online research, is that nothing about the stage or malignancy of the tumor is known until its taken off, all Ive done is the fine needle aspiration, I was just wondering if anybody else has had success and recover or is this fatal? all i know for sure is he'll be pissed with that cone on his head
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poor baby. our fingers and paws are crossed for the best outcome. it definitely doesn't have to be fatal. a coworker of mine has a fourteen year old siamese mix who had two mast cell tumors removed six years ago and another one removed two years ago. No problems since. She is just vigilant about monitoring Jakey for symptoms (they itch b/c mast cells release histamine) & her big concern is more for anesthesia at his age rather than the tumor. i don't know any more than that.... i wish you both the very best! please keep us posted {hugs}
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I am going through a similar situation with my cat. I found a bump on his leg and am currently awaiting tests to determine exactly what it is (but the vet said he is pretty sure from feeling and looking at it that it is a tumor). But is it true that they can not determine exactly what it is until they remove it? They took some samples using needles at my vet, they did not remove anything yet...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you (and me)..
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I pray for everybody in this situation, i never realized how devistating getting news like that would be, my little guy is only 6 and always been in perfect health. going in tomorrow and I hope the margins are clean and nothing in the lymph nodes, should know the results by friday
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from what ive read online, all they know from the fine needle aspiration is that it is a tumor, they dont know the stage or if its spread until they take it off and examine the biopsy, thats all online so who knows, this is a crash course for me, just got the news last friday
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First things first, get it out of your cat! They'll be able to tell you more once they can examine the tumor and the cat will be better off, in any case, for not having that thing growing inside it. Until then, channel the worry-energy into spoiling the kitty-buddy.
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