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Cat Got Into Epsom Salt HELP?!

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So this morning i was sound alseep and my cat minnie let out a howl meow..and i got up and she looked at me and ran into her litter box, i didnt pay much attention because the hole house reaked of cat poop. So after a few minutes i went over and she had poop literaly down her backside, so i gave her a bath and clean the room and the litter box, i know epsom salt is a laxitive and we just started using it in our plants and she always eats it, i never thought anything of it would cause this nasty mess!!

a) is she going to be okay?
b)how long still she poop is solid?
c)is it common for cats to be eating Espom Salt?

any bit of information can help thanks~!!
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I would call my regular vet or an emergency vet clinic. Dehydration may be a concern.

It all depends on how much she ate and over what period of time.

Call a vet and let everyone know how it goes. Maybe someone here can help with advice after the vet tells you what to do or look for.

This is a great place to get support for whatever you may go through. I hope she is going to be okay.
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Make sure in the future to take extra precaution to further catproof the substances that stand a chance of making your kitty sick!

Please let us know how everything turns out after you call your vet.
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Hi, I wouldn't say it's normal for a cat to eat Epsom Salt. Is she a kitten? Kittens like to explore and may put stuff in their mouths that they're not supposed to eat -- adult cats may do this as well, but less likely.

Other than that, sodium or some other mineral may be lacking in her diet and she's looking for a replacement. Even still, some cats just like the taste of salt.

I am not sure why you say she "always eats it". I thought you just started using it for your plants? In any case, you should not allow your cat to eat it. Keep the salt and all other chemicals out of kitty's reach. Epsom Salt is not food, and as you see, causes problems.

I think she'll be okay (given she didn't eat TOO much) - but it's a good idea to get her checked out by a vet.
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Epsom salts taste nasty. Not like salt at all, the name is misleading. It is Magnesium sulfate. Salt, as we know it is sodium chloride. Epsom is very, very bitter, and just horrible. I cannot see any creature human or other seeking this out, unless... there is a mineral deficiency somewhere... or for an all out cleaning of the digestive system because this is what it does. (I have taken it as part of a cleanse, and cleanse it does, don't wander far from a tiolet)) I have read that people with magneisuim deficiencies cannot taste the EXTREMLY bitter taste. I have no idea if this is the same for cats.

ETA: How long for her poop to be normal again would depend on how much she ate. I am guesing not that much, but for a small animal, it does not take much, probably 1-2 days before you see firms stools. (using myself only as an example of this)They should get progressivly better.
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Well the vet said its nothing very serious they said if she doesnt get better in several days, than it should be a concern, and to call back again and make an appt. so we are waiting...hopfully she gets better, she seems to be getting better though shes starting to become more solid now.
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